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** @file libelfsh.h
** Started on  Mon Jul 23 15:47:12 2001 jfv
** $Id: libelfsh.h,v 1.80 2008-02-16 13:44:47 thor Exp $

#ifndef __LIBELFSH_H_
#define __LIBELFSH_H_

#include "libvars.h"

#ifndef __KERNEL__

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/wait.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/mman.h>
#include <regex.h>

#include "libaspect.h"
#include "libelfsh/libelfsh-compat.h"

#ifndef __KERNEL__

#ifdef __BEOS__
#include <bsd_mem.h>

#if !defined(__USE_GNU)
#define __USE_GNU

#if ! defined(__OpenBSD__)
#include <sys/ucontext.h>

#if !defined(sgi)
#include <sys/user.h>

#if defined(__NetBSD__)
#include <miscfs/procfs/procfs.h>
#elif ! (defined(__OpenBSD__))
#include <sys/procfs.h>


/* Configure the DEBUG modes for various part of the code */
#define           __DEBUG_MAP__                  0
#define           __DEBUG_SECTS__                0
#define           __DEBUG_SORT__                 0    
#define           __DEBUG_RELADD__         0
#define           __DEBUG_COPYPLT__        0
#define           __DEBUG_BSS__                  0
#define           __DEBUG_REDIR__                0
#define           __DEBUG_RUNTIME__        0
#define           __DEBUG_CFLOW__                0
#define           __DEBUG_STATIC__         0
#define           __DEBUG_BREAKPOINTS__          0
#define           __DEBUG_ETRELintoETDYN__       0
#define           __DEBUG_EXTPLT__         0
#define     __DEBUG_TRACES__         0
#define     __DEBUG_ARG_COUNT__            0
#define     __DEBUG_HASH_BY_NAME__         0

/* ELFsh architecture types */
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_IA32               0
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_IA64               1
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_SPARC32            2
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_SPARC64            3
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_PARISC       4     /* no hooks yet */
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_PPC32        5     /* no hooks yet */
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_PPC64        6     /* no hooks yet */
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_CRAY               7     /* no hooks yet */
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_ALPHA64            8     
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_MIPS32       9
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_MIPS64       10    /* No hooks yet */
#define         ELFSH_ARCH_ARM                  11
#define         ELFSH_ARCHNUM                   12
#define           ELFSH_ARCH_ERROR        0xFF

/* ELFsh ELF types */
#define           ELFSH_TYPE_EXEC               0
#define           ELFSH_TYPE_DYN                1
#define           ELFSH_TYPENUM                 2
#define           ELFSH_TYPE_ERROR        0xFF

/* ELFsh OS types */
#define           ELFSH_OS_LINUX                0
#define           ELFSH_OS_FREEBSD        1
#define           ELFSH_OS_NETBSD               2
#define           ELFSH_OS_OPENBSD        3
#define           ELFSH_OS_SOLARIS        4
#define           ELFSH_OS_UNICOS               5
#define           ELFSH_OS_BEOS                 6
#define           ELFSH_OS_IOS                  7
#define           ELFSH_OSNUM             8
#define           ELFSH_OS_ERROR                0xFF

/* (k)e2dbg memory hosting types for the debugger hooks */
#define           E2DBG_HOST_KERN               0
#define           E2DBG_HOST_PROC               1
#define           E2DBG_HOSTNUM                 2
#define           E2DBG_HOST_ERROR        0xFF

/* libelfsh block hijack types */
#define           ELFSH_HIJACK_TYPE_FLOW        0x000000
#define           ELFSH_HIJACK_TYPE_GOT         0x010000
#define           ELFSH_HIJACK_TYPE_PLT         0x020000

/* The Various relocation stages */
#define           ELFSH_RELOC_STAGE1            1
#define           ELFSH_RELOC_STAGE2            2

/* The builtin hooks vectors list */
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_CFLOW        "hook_cflow"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_REL                "hook_rel"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_PLT                "hook_plt"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_ENCODEPLT          "hook_encodeplt"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_ENCODEPLT1         "hook_encodeplt1"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_EXTPLT       "hook_extplt"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_ALTPLT       "hook_altplt"
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_ARGC               "hook_argc"

/* Some defined values */
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_MAPPED     ".mapped"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_UNMAPPED   ".unmapped"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EXTRAREL   ".elfsh.rel"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EXTPLT     ".elfsh.extplt"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTPLT     ".elfsh.altplt"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTGOT     ".elfsh.altgot"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTPLTPROLOG     ".elfsh.pltprolog"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTGOTPROLOG     ".elfsh.gotprolog"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_START      ".elfsh.start"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_PADGOT     ".elfsh.padgot"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_HOOKS      ".elfsh.hooks"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTDYNSYM  ".elfsh.dynsym"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTDYNSTR  ".elfsh.dynstr"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTRELPLT  ".elfsh.relplt"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_PADPAGE    ".elfsh.padpage"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_HASH       ".hash"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_VERSYM     ".version"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTVERSYM  ".elfsh.version"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTHASH    ".elfsh.hash"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EDFMT_BLOCKS     ".edfmt.blocks"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EDFMT_BCONTROL   ".edfmt.bcontrol"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EDFMT_FUNCTIONS  ".edfmt.function"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EDFMT_FCONTROL   ".edfmt.fcontrol"

//#define         ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RPHT       ".elfsh.rpht"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RSHSTRTAB  ".rshstrtab"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RSYMTAB    ".rsymtab"

/* We need this for string based research, and for sht reconstruction */
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_NULL       ""
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_PLT        ".plt"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DTORS      ".dtors"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_CTORS      ".ctors"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_GOT        ".got"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RELPLT     ".rel.plt"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RELAPLT    ".rela.plt"

#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RELGOT     ".rel.got"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RELDYN     ".rel.dyn"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RELADYN    ".rela.dyn"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RELABSS    ".rela.bss"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTRELDYN  ".elfsh.reldyn"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTRELADYN ".elfsh.reladyn"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTRELGOT  ".elfsh.relgot"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_ALTRELBSS  ".elfsh.relabss"

#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_GOTPLT     ".got.plt"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_INTERP     ".interp"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_SYMTAB     ".symtab"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_STRTAB     ".strtab"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DYNSTR     ".dynstr"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_SHSTRTAB   ".shstrtab"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_BSS        ".bss"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_TEXT       ".text"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DATA       ".data"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_NOTES      ".notes"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_NOTES_ABI  ".notes.ABI-tag"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DYNAMIC    ".dynamic"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_COMMENT    ".comment"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_RODATA     ".rodata"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_STAB       ".stab"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_EHFRAME    ".eh_frame"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_INIT       ".init"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_FINI       ".fini"
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DEBUG            ".debug"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_INFO   ".debug_info"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_ARANGES      ".debug_aranges"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_PUBNAMES     ".debug_pubnames"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_ABBREV ".debug_abbrev"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_LINE   ".debug_line"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_FRAME  ".debug_frame"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_STR    ".debug_str"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_MACINFO      ".debug_macinfo"
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_NAME_DW2_LOC    ".debug_loc"

/* Section index in the secthash */
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NULL            0
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_INTERP          1
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_NOTE            2
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_HASH            3
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_DYNSYM          4
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_DYNSTR          5
#define         ELFSH_SECTION_GNUVERSYM         6
#define         ELFSH_SECTION_GNUVERNEED        7
#define         ELFSH_SECTION_GNUVERDEF         8
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_INIT            10
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_PLT       11
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_TEXT            12
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_FINI            13
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_RODATA          14
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_DATA            15
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_CTORS           17
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_DTORS           18
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_GOT       19
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_DYNAMIC         20
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_BSS       21
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_STAB            22
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_COMMENT         23
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_SHSTRTAB        24
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_SYMTAB          25
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_STRTAB          26
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_STABSTR         27
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_ALTPLT          28
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_PADGOT          28 /* shared */
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_ALTPLTPROLOG    29
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_ALTGOTPROLOG    29 /* shared */
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_ALTGOT          30
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_GOTPLT          31
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_MIPSTART        32
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_EXTPLT          33
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_RSHSTRTAB       34
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_RSYMTAB         35
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_DEBUG           36
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_INFO        37
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_ARANGES     38
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_PUBNAMES    39
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_ABBREV      40
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_LINE        41
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_FRAME       42
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_STR         43
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_MACINFO     44
#define     ELFSH_SECTION_DW2_LOC         45
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_VERSYM          46
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_MAX       254
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_UNKNOWN         255

/* Some constants */
#define           ELFSH_PLT_ENTRY_SIZE            16
#define           ELFSH_SYMTAB_ENTRY_SIZE       sizeof(elfsh_Sym)

#define           ELFSH_STARTSYM                "_start"
#define           ELFSH_GOTSYM                  "_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_"
#define           ELFSH_NULL_STRING       "(NULL)"
#define           ELFSH_SORT_BY_ADDR            'a'
#define           ELFSH_SORT_BY_SIZE            's'
#define           ELFSH_SORT_BY_NAME            'n'

/* Dedicated to you know who */
#define           ELFSH_MEANING                 42

#define           ELFSH_SECTION_FIRST           0
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_LAST            0xFFFF
#define           ELFSH_BLOCK_FIRST       0
#define           ELFSH_BLOCK_LAST        0xFFFF

#define           ELFSH_SPARC_LOWADDR           0x2000
#define           ELFSH_INVALID_ADDR            0xFFFFFFFF
#define           ELFSH_NOLIMIT                 0

#define           ELFSH_END_CTORS               ((eresi_Addr) 0xFFFFFFFF)
#define           ELFSH_END_DTORS                 ELFSH_END_CTORS

#define           ELFSH_SHIFTING_ABSENT         0
#define           ELFSH_SHIFTING_NONE           1
#define           ELFSH_SHIFTING_MIPSPLT        2
#define           ELFSH_SHIFTING_PARTIAL        3
#define           ELFSH_SHIFTING_COMPLETE       4

#define           ELFSH_UNSET_OFFSET            (1 << 30)

#define           ELFSH_LOWSYM                  1
#define           ELFSH_HIGHSYM                 2
#define           ELFSH_EXACTSYM                3

#define           ELFSH_DATA_INJECTION          0
#define           ELFSH_CODE_INJECTION          1
#define           ELFSH_UNMAPPED_INJECTION      2
#define           ELFSH_UNKNOWN_INJECTION       3

#define           ELFSH_TRACE_MAX_ARGS          30

#define           STT_BLOCK               (STT_NUM)

#define     DUMPABLE(sym)      (elfsh_get_symbol_type(sym) == STT_FUNC  || \
                         elfsh_get_symbol_type(sym) == STT_OBJECT || \
                         elfsh_get_symbol_type(sym) == STT_COMMON || \
                         elfsh_get_symbol_type(sym) == STT_SECTION)

#define     FILE_IS_SPARC(obj)   (FILE_IS_SPARC32(obj) || FILE_IS_SPARC64(obj))
#define FILE_IS_SPARC32(obj) (((elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr) == EM_SPARC) || \
                             (elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr) == EM_SPARC32PLUS)) ? 1 : 0)

#define FILE_IS_SPARC64(obj) ((elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr) == EM_SPARCV9) ? 1 : 0)

#define     FILE_IS_MIPS(obj)  (elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr) == EM_MIPS || \
                           elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr) == EM_MIPS_RS3_LE ? 1 : 0)

#define     FILE_IS_IA64(obj)   ((elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr)) == EM_IA_64 ? 1 : 0)
#define     FILE_IS_IA32(obj)   ((elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr)) == EM_386 ? 1 : 0)

#define     FILE_IS_ALPHA64(obj) ((elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr)) == EM_ALPHA || \
                             (elfsh_get_arch((obj)->hdr)) == EM_ALPHA_EXP ? 1 : 0)

#define IS_REL(scn)    (FILE_IS_SPARC((scn)->parent)   || \
                       FILE_IS_SPARC64((scn)->parent) || \
                       FILE_IS_IA64((scn)->parent)    || \
                       FILE_IS_ALPHA64((scn)->parent) ? 0 : 1)

#define ELFSH_SELECT_INJECTION(a, b, d)           \
do                                    \
{                                     \
  if ((elfsh_get_ostype(a) == ELFSH_OS_FREEBSD || \
       elfsh_get_ostype(a) == ELFSH_OS_BEOS    || \
       elfsh_get_ostype(a) == ELFSH_OS_SOLARIS || \
       FILE_IS_ALPHA64(a) || FILE_IS_MIPS(a)   || \
       FILE_IS_SPARC(a)) || (b))            \
  d = ELFSH_DATA_INJECTION;                 \
  else                                      \
  d = ELFSH_CODE_INJECTION;                 \
} while (0)

/* Old Pax flags (to be read in elfhdr.e_flags) */
#define           ELFSH_PAX_PAGEEXEC         1    /* Paging based non-exec pages */
#define           ELFSH_PAX_EMULTRAMP        2    /* Emulate trampolines */
#define           ELFSH_PAX_MPROTECT         4    /* Restrict mprotect() */
#define           ELFSH_PAX_RANDMMAP         8    /* Randomize mmap() base */
#define           ELFSH_PAX_RANDEXEC         16   /* Randomize ET_EXEC base */
#define             ELFSH_PAX_SEGMEXEC         32   /* Segmentation based non-exec pages */

/* EI_RPHT is not PaX related */
#define           EI_PAX                     14   /* Index in e_ident[] where to read flags */
#define           EI_RPHT                    10 /* Index in e_ident[] where to read rphtoff */

/* Those symbol doesn't exist on every OS */
#ifndef SHT_GNU_verdef
#define SHT_GNU_verdef    0x6ffffffd      /* Version definition section.  */
#ifndef SHT_GNU_verneed
#define SHT_GNU_verneed   0x6ffffffe      /* Version needs section.  */
#ifndef SHT_GNU_versym
#define SHT_GNU_versym    0x6fffffff      /* Version symbol table.  */

 * ELFsh redirection abstract unit 
00379 typedef struct    s_redir
#define           ELFSH_REDIR_CFLOW 0
#define           ELFSH_REDIR_ALTPLT      1
#define           ELFSH_REDIR_ALTGOT      2
  u_char    type;                    /* Redirection type                */

#define           ELFSH_ORIG_FUNC           0
#define           ELFSH_HOOK_FUNC         1
  char            *name[2];                /* Name of involved functions      */
  eresi_Addr       addr[2];                /* Redirection address             */
}           elfshredir_t;

 * ELFsh private stab entry 
00396 typedef struct          s_stab
  eresi_Addr            strindex;
  unsigned char         type;
  unsigned char         other;
  unsigned short  desc;
  eresi_Addr            value;
}                 elfshstabent_t;

 * ELFsh private .notes entry format 
00409 typedef struct          s_nentry
  int             namesz;
  int             descsz;
  int             type;
  char                  *note;
  char                  *desc;
  struct s_nentry *next;
  struct s_nentry *prev;
}                 elfshnotent_t;

 * Version structures 
00424 typedef struct        s_hashneed
  elfsh_Verneed       *need;
  elfsh_Vernaux       *aux;
}                 hashneed_t;

typedef struct        s_hashdef
  void                *ps;
  elfsh_Verdef        *def;
  elfsh_Word          *aux;
}                     hashdef_t;

 * ELFsh private relocation format 
00441 typedef struct          s_rel
  u_int                 idx_src;
  u_int                 off_src;
  u_int                 idx_dst;
  u_int                 off_dst;

/* The dword is to be patched depending on section's base */
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_SECTBASE          0           

/* This entry is a false positive : do not relocate */
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_FP                0xFFFFFFFF  
  u_int                 type;
}                 elfshrel_t;

/* forward declaration */
struct                  s_sect;
struct                  s_obj;
typedef struct s_sect   elfshsect_t;
typedef struct s_obj    elfshobj_t;

 * @brief Section data type 
00467 struct                  s_sect

  /* Filled at creation */
  char                  *name;            /*! Cached name                   */
00472   struct s_obj          *parent;    /*! Parent Object           */
00473   elfsh_Phdr            *phdr;            /*! the first parent segment      */

  /* Filled at creation, can be modified when SHT is sorted */
00476   elfsh_Shdr            *shdr;            /*! section header for this section  */
00477   int             index;            /*! Section index in sht                */
00478   struct s_sect         *next;            /*! Next section in the list      */
00479   struct s_sect         *prev;            /*! Prev section in the list      */

  /* ELFsh section state */
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_ANALYZED        (1 << 0)
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_INSERTED        (1 << 1)
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_MOVED           (1 << 2)
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_REMOVED         (1 << 3)
#define           ELFSH_SECTION_RUNTIME         (1 << 4)
  char                  flags;         /*! Analysed/Raw, Orphelin/Inserted, Moved, Removed, Runtime/Static */

  /* Filled at loading */
00490   void                  *data;         /*! Section's data cache in file         */

  /* Filled at analysing */
00493   void                  *altdata;  /*! Type dependant internal format         */
00494   void                  *terdata;  /*! Alternate type dependant internal format     */
00495   void                  *lastdata; /*! Last type dependant internal format    */

  /* Filled at 'unrelocation' : ELFsh private relocs fmt only used in experimental features */
00498   elfshrel_t            *rel;    /*! ELFsh private relocation table for this section          */
00499   u_int                 srcref;        /*! Number of absolute reference FROM this section : sizeof(rel)  */
00500   u_int                 dstref;        /*! Number of absolute reference TO this section       */

  /* Changed during extension */
00503   u_int                 curend;        /*! Current real end of section : we save room when possible */


 * @brief Link map structure 
00511 typedef struct          s_link_map
  eresi_Addr            laddr;         /*! Base address shared object is loaded at. */
00514   char                  *lname;        /*! Absolute file name object was found in.  */
00515   elfsh_Dyn       *lld;    /*! Dynamic section of the shared object.    */
00516   struct s_link_map     *lnext;        /*! Next object in linkmap              */
00517   struct s_link_map     *lprev;        /*! Prev object in linkmap              */
}                 elfshlinkmap_t;

 * @brief The runtime ELF header (unofficial ELF extension)
 * This structure has been introduced since the Embedded ELF Debugger 
00525 typedef struct    s_rehdr
  uint16_t   rphtnbr;       /*! Number of entries in RPHT */
00528   uint16_t   rshtnbr;       /*! Number of entries in RSHT */
00529   eresi_Addr       base;                /*! Base address (runtime ET_DYN object base) */

}           elfshrhdr_t;

 * Debug format pointers 
00536 typedef struct    s_dfmt
  void            *uni;
  void            *dwarf2;
  void            *stabs;
}           elfshdfmt_t;

/* core file support linux/bsd */
#define ELFSH_CORE_LINUX            0x01000
#define ELFSH_CORE_FREEBSD          0x10000
#define ELFSH_CORE_HAS_NOTHING            0x00000
#define ELFSH_CORE_HAS_PRSTATUS           0x00001
#define ELFSH_CORE_HAS_PRPSINFO           0x00010
#define ELFSH_CORE_HAS_FPREGSET           0x00100

#define elfsh_roundup(x, y)         ((((x)+((y)-1))/(y))*(y))

#define PRFNAMESZ       16     /* Maximum command length saved */
#define PRARGSZ               80     /* Maximum argument bytes saved */
#define PRPSINFO_VERSION      1      /* Current version of prpsinfo_t */

 * Documentation missing.
00560 typedef struct    elfsh_bsdprpsinfo 
  int       pr_version;              /*! Version number of struct (1) */
00563   size_t    pr_psinfosz;            /*! sizeof(prpsinfo_t) (1) */
00564   char      pr_fname[PRFNAMESZ+1];  /*! Command name, null terminated (1) */
00565   char      pr_psargs[PRARGSZ+1];   /*! Arguments, null terminated (1) */
}           elfsh_bsdprpsinfo_t;

 * Documentation missing.
00571 typedef struct elfsh_bsdureg 
  unsigned int  r_fs;
  unsigned int  r_es;
  unsigned int  r_ds;
  unsigned int  r_edi;
  unsigned int  r_esi;
  unsigned int  r_ebp;
  unsigned int  r_isp;
  unsigned int  r_ebx;
  unsigned int  r_edx;
  unsigned int  r_ecx;
  unsigned int  r_eax;
  unsigned int  r_trapno;
  unsigned int  r_err;
  unsigned int  r_eip;
  unsigned int  r_cs;
  unsigned int  r_eflags;
  unsigned int  r_esp;
  unsigned int  r_ss;
  unsigned int  r_gs;
}           elfsh_bsduregset_t;

 * Documentation missing.
00597 typedef struct elfsh_bsdfpreg 
  unsigned long fpr_env[7];
  unsigned char fpr_acc[8][10];
  unsigned long fpr_ex_sw;
  unsigned char fpr_pad[64];
}           elfsh_bsdfpregs_t;

#define           PRSTATUS_VERSION  1     /* Current version of prstatus_t */

 * Documentation missing.
00611 typedef struct elfsh_bsdprstatus
  int             pr_version;       /* Version number of struct (1) */
  size_t          pr_statussz;      /* sizeof(prstatus_t) (1) */
  size_t          pr_gregsetsz;     /* sizeof(gregset_t) (1) */
  size_t          pr_fpregsetsz;  /* sizeof(fpregset_t) (1) */
  int             pr_osreldate;     /* Kernel version (1) */
  int             pr_cursig;        /* Current signal (1) */
  pid_t           pr_pid;     /* Process ID (1) */
  elfsh_bsduregset_t    pr_reg;     /* General purpose registers (1) */
}                 elfsh_bsdprstatus_t;

 * Documentation missing.
00626 typedef struct user_regs
  long int ebx;
  long int ecx;
  long int edx;
  long int esi;
  long int edi;
  long int ebp;
  long int eax;
  long int xds;
  long int xes;
  long int xfs;
  long int xgs;
  long int orig_eax;
  long int eip;
  long int xcs;
  long int eflags;
  long int esp;
  long int xss;
} elfsh_uregset_t;

 * Documentation missing.
00650 typedef struct user_fpregs
  long int  cwd;
  long int  swd;
  long int  twd;
  long int  fip;
  long int  fcs;
  long int  foo;
  long int  fos;
  long int  st_space [20];
}           elfsh_fpregs_t;

 * Documentation missing.
 * XXX si_signo, si_code, si_errno exists in NetBSD.... <sys/siginfo.h>
00666 typedef struct s_siginfo
  int esh_si_signo;     /* Signal number.  */
  int esh_si_code;      /* Extra code.  */
  int esh_si_errno;     /* Errno.  */
} elfsh_siginfo_t;

 * Documentation missing.
00676 typedef struct elfsh_prstatus
  elfsh_siginfo_t       pr_info;    /* Info associated with signal.  */
  short int             pr_cursig;        /* Current signal.  */
  unsigned long int     pr_sigpend;       /* Set of pending signals.  */
  unsigned long int     pr_sighold;       /* Set of held signals.  */
  pid_t           pr_pid;
  pid_t           pr_ppid;
  pid_t           pr_pgrp;
  pid_t                 pr_sid;
  struct timeval  pr_utime;         /* User time.  */
  struct timeval  pr_stime;         /* System time.  */
  struct timeval  pr_cutime;        /* Cumulative user time.  */
  struct timeval  pr_cstime;        /* Cumulative system time.  */
  elfsh_uregset_t       pr_reg;           /* GP registers.  */
  int                   pr_fpvalid;       /* True if math copro being used.  */
} elfsh_prstatus_t;

#define ELF_PRARGSZ     (80)    /* Number of chars for args.  */

 * Documentation missing.
00699 typedef struct elfsh_prpsinfo
  char                  pr_state;         /* Numeric process state.  */
  char                  pr_sname;         /* Char for pr_state.  */
  char                  pr_zomb;          /* Zombie.  */
  char                  pr_nice;          /* Nice val.  */
  unsigned long int     pr_flag;          /* Flags.  */
  unsigned short int    pr_uid;
  unsigned short int    pr_gid;
  int                   pr_pid, 
  char                  pr_fname[16];      /* Filename of executable.  */
  char                  pr_psargs[ELF_PRARGSZ];  /* Initial part of arg list.  */
} elfsh_prpsinfo_t;

 * core file info structure 
 * needs to be improved 
00720 typedef struct linux_core
  uint16_t        offset;           /* offset for note section in the file */
  uint16_t        filesz;           /* size of the section */

  elfsh_Nhdr            nhdr;       /* core files should have only one note entry */

  long                  flags;            /* ELFSH_CORE_HAS_NOTHING, ELFSH_CORE_HAS_PRSTATUS, ... */

  elfsh_prstatus_t      prstatus;   /* PRSTATUS structure */
  elfsh_prpsinfo_t      prpsinfo;   /* PRPSINFO structure */
  elfsh_fpregs_t  fpregs;           /* Floating point saved register */

}                 elfshcore_t;

 * BSD core file info structure
00738 typedef struct bsd_core 
  uint16_t        offset;
  uint16_t        filesz;

  elfsh_Nhdr            nhdr;

  long                  flags;

  elfsh_bsdprstatus_t   prstatus;
  elfsh_bsdprpsinfo_t   prpsinfo;
  elfsh_bsdfpregs_t     fpregs;

} elfshbsdcore_t;

 * @brief ELF object structure 
00756 struct             s_obj
00758   elfsh_Ehdr       *hdr;                        /*!< @brief Elf header */
00759   elfsh_Shdr       *sht;                        /*!< @brief Section header table */
00760   elfsh_Phdr       *pht;                        /*!< @brief Program Header table */
00761   elfshsect_t      *sectlist;             /*!< @brief Section linked list */

00763   elfshrhdr_t      rhdr;                        /*!< The Runtime header */
00764   elfsh_Shdr       *rsht;                       /*!< The Runtime SHT */
00765   elfsh_Phdr       *rpht;                       /*!< The Runtime PHT */
00766   elfshsect_t      *rsectlist;                  /*!< Runtime Section linked list */
00767   elfshsect_t      *secthash[ELFSH_SECTION_MAX];      /*!< Section hash table (common) */

  elfshcore_t      core;
  elfshbsdcore_t bsdcore;
  int        coretype;

00773   int        fd;              /*!< @brief File descriptor for the original file */
00774   char            *name;                  /*!< @brief Object path */
00775   struct stat      fstat;                 /*!< @brief File stat */
  int        rights;          /* 0 = RO, 1 = WR */
  time_t     loadtime;        /* Time of Loading */
  u_int            id;              /* Object ID */

  char             running;         /* !< @brief Is the process running ? */
  char             scanned;         /* !< @brief Has the object already been block scanned ? */
  char             hdr_broken;            /* !< @brief Is the header broken/corrupted ? */
  char             read;                  /* !< @brief Has the object already been read ? */
  char             shtrm;                 /* !< @brief Mark SHT and Unmapped sections as stripped ? */
  char             strip;                 /* !< @brief Mark file as stripped */
  char             pending;         /* !< @brief Beeing injected */
  uint32_t   nbrm;                  /* !< @brief Number of section headers to remove at saving */

  char             shtrb;                 /* !< @brief Reconstruct the SHT if non present */

#define            ELFSH_MAXREL     1000  /* !< @brief Maximum number of injected ET_REL, change it ! */
  struct s_obj     *listrel[ELFSH_MAXREL];/* !< @brief Array of injected ET_REL in this object */
  u_int            nbrel;                 /* !< @brief Number of injected ET_REL in this object */
  char             buff[ELFSH_MEANING];   /* !< @brief Internal buffer, sometimes used to avoid a malloc */
  const char       *error;          /* !< @brief Last error string */
  struct s_obj     *next;                 /* !< @brief The list is simply linked */
  struct s_obj     *original;       /* !< @brief Original file (if its a copy) */

  hash_t     redir_hash;            /* !< @brief Redirections hash table */

#if !defined(sun)
  elfshlinkmap_t *linkmap;          /* !< @brief Linkmap */
  Link_map   *linkmap;        /* !< @brief Solaris linkmap */

  elfshdfmt_t      debug_format;          /* !< @brief Debug format informations */

#define ELFSH_SYMHASH_NAME    "elfsh_symhash"
#define ELFSH_DYNSYMHASH_NAME       "elfsh_dynsymhash"
  hash_t     symhash;         /* !< @brief Symtab hash table */
  hash_t     dynsymhash;            /* !< @brief Dynsym hash table */

   ** Every object can have childs
   ** The number 0 is used as a seperator:
   ** 1: (Father)
   ** |-> 101 Child1
   ** |-> ....
   ** |-> 1012 Child12
   ** Max childs for a father should be 99, then we can control a strange id like 101001 (1 => 10 => 1)
#define     ELFSH_CHILD_BASE(o)     (o->id * 100 * (o->lastchildid > 9 ? 10 : 1))
#define     ELFSH_CHILD_NEW(o)      ELFSH_CHILD_BASE(o) + ++o->lastchildid
#define     ELFSH_CHILD_MAX   99
  hash_t    child_hash;       /* !< @brief Childs hash table */
  hash_t    parent_hash;            /* !< @brief Immediate parent hash table */
  hash_t    root_hash;        /* !< @brief Root ELF objects for this file */
  int       lastchildid;                  /* !< @brief Last child id */

 * The library has its world itself
 * There stands all the flags that are used by libelfsh 
00841 typedef struct    s_libstate

#define           LIBELFSH_MODE_UNKNOWN   0 
#define           LIBELFSH_MODE_STATIC    1
#define           LIBELFSH_MODE_E2DBG     2
  u_char    mode;        /* The current working mode (ondisk/memory) */
  u_char    indebug;     /* 1 when inside the debugger */
}           libworld_t;

 * Elfsh break points 
00856 typedef struct    s_bp 

  /* XXX: To comment ! */
#define           UNDEF 0
#define           INSTR 1
  u_char    type;

  u_char    savedinstr[16];   /* !< @brief Saved bytes at breakpoints addr */
  char            *cmd[10];   /* !< @brief Commands to be executed on hit */
  char            cmdnbr;           /* !< @brief Next available cmd slot */
  eresi_Addr      addr;       /* !< @brief Address of breakpoint */
  uint32_t  id;         /* !< @brief Breakpoint ID */
  char            *symname;   /* !< @brief Symbol match, if any */
  elfshobj_t      *obj;       /* !< @brief Parent object of breakpoint */
  pid_t           tid;        /* !< @brief Thread id of breakpoint */

#define     ELFSH_BP_BREAK    0     /* !< @brief Classical breakpoint */
#define     ELFSH_BP_WATCH    1     /* !< @brief Do not get back to debugger */
  u_char    flags;            /* !< @brief Breakpoint flags */
}           elfshbp_t;

 * Trace structure 
00881 typedef struct    s_traces_args
  char            *name;
  char            *typename;
  int       size;
}           elfshtracesargs_t;

 * Documentation missing.
00891 typedef struct    s_traces
  char                  funcname[ELFSH_TRACES_FUNC_SIZE];
  elfshobj_t      *file;
  u_char    enable;
  u_int           offset;

  u_char    scope;

#define     ELFSH_ARG_SIZE_BASED 0
  u_char    type;

  eresi_Addr      vaddr;

  elfshtracesargs_t arguments[ELFSH_TRACES_MAX_ARGS];
  u_int           argc;
}           elfshtraces_t;

/* Extern data */
extern libworld_t dbgworld;
extern hash_t           traces_table;
extern hash_t           exclude_table;

#if defined(KERNSH)
#include "libkernsh.h"

 ** Libelfsh API prototypes
 ** Check elfsh/doc/libelfsh-api.txt for a complete description
 ** XXX: libelfsh-api.txt not updated to 0.5 (it is for 0.43b)
 ** FIXME: Please put your comments at the doxygen format

/* dynamic.c */
elfsh_Dyn   *elfsh_get_dynamic(elfshobj_t *file, u_int *num);
elfsh_Dyn   *elfsh_get_dynamic_entry_by_type(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Word type);
elfsh_Sword elfsh_get_dynentry_type(elfsh_Dyn *d);
int         elfsh_set_dynentry_type(elfsh_Dyn *d, eresi_Addr tag);
elfsh_Word  elfsh_get_dynentry_val(elfsh_Dyn *d);
int         elfsh_set_dynentry_val(elfsh_Dyn *d, eresi_Addr val);
elfsh_Dyn   *elfsh_get_dynamic_entry_by_index(elfsh_Dyn *dynamic, eresi_Addr index);
char        *elfsh_get_dynentry_string(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Dyn *ent);
int         elfsh_endianize_dynamic(elfshsect_t *_new);
int         elfsh_shift_dynamic(elfshobj_t *file, u_int size);
int         elfsh_get_dynent_by_type(elfshobj_t *robj, elfsh_Dyn *data, elfsh_Word real_index);

/* symbol.c */
int         elfsh_init_symbol_hashtables(elfshobj_t *file);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_symbol_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
char        *elfsh_reverse_symbol(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr sym_value, elfsh_SAddr *offset);
char        *elfsh_get_symbol_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *s);
void        *elfsh_get_symtab(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_symbol_by_value(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr vaddr, int *off, int mode);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_dynsymbol_by_value(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr vaddr, int *off, int mode);
int         elfsh_strip(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_set_symbol_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *s, char *name);
int         elfsh_shift_symtab(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr lim, int inc);
int         elfsh_insert_sectsym(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect);
int         elfsh_get_symbol_foffset(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *sym);
int         elfsh_insert_symbol(elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Sym *sym, char *name);
int         elfsh_insert_funcsym(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, eresi_Addr vaddr, 
                           uint32_t sz, uint32_t sctidx);

/* dynsym.c */
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_dynsymbol_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
void        *elfsh_get_dynsymtab(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
char        *elfsh_reverse_dynsymbol(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr sym_value, elfsh_SAddr *offset);
char        *elfsh_get_dynsymbol_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *s);
int         elfsh_set_dynsymbol_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *s, char *name);
int         elfsh_shift_dynsym(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr limit, int inc);

/* dwarf.c */
int         elfsh_get_dwarf(elfshobj_t *file);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_info(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_abbrev(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_aranges(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_frame(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_line(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_macinfo(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_pubnames(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_str(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_dwarf_loc(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);

/* sym_common.c */
elfsh_Sym   elfsh_create_symbol(eresi_Addr value, int size, int type, int binding, int vis, int idx);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_copy_symtab(void *addr, int size);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_merge_symtabs(elfsh_Sym *one, elfsh_Sym *two, int size_one, int size_two);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_sym_by_value(elfsh_Sym *sym, int num, eresi_Addr vaddr, int *off, int mode);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_symbol_size(elfsh_Sym *s);
int         elfsh_set_symbol_size(elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr size);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_symbol_value(elfsh_Sym *s);
int         elfsh_set_symbol_value(elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr value);
u_char            elfsh_get_symbol_bind(elfsh_Sym *s);
u_char            elfsh_set_symbol_bind(elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr opt);
u_char            elfsh_get_symbol_type(elfsh_Sym *s);
u_char            elfsh_set_symbol_type(elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr type);
u_char            elfsh_get_symbol_visibility(elfsh_Sym *s);
u_int       elfsh_set_symbol_visibility(elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr vis);
u_int       elfsh_get_symbol_link(elfsh_Sym *s);
u_int       elfsh_set_symbol_link(elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr val);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_symbol_by_index(elfsh_Sym *symtab, eresi_Addr index);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_metasym_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
elfsh_Sym       *elfsh_get_metasym_by_value(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr vaddr, int *off, int mode);
char        *elfsh_reverse_metasym(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr vaddr, elfsh_SAddr *off);
int         elfsh_remove_symbol(elfshsect_t *symtab, char *name);
void        elfsh_symtab_endianize(elfshsect_t *tab);
int         elfsh_endianize_symtab(elfshsect_t *tab);
int         elfsh_shift_syms(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *symtab, 
                       eresi_Addr limit, int inc);
int         elfsh_resolv_remote_function(elfshobj_t *filein, eresi_Addr vaddrin,
                                   elfshobj_t **fileout, eresi_Addr *vaddrout);

/* obj.c */
elfshobj_t  *elfsh_load_obj(char *name);
void        elfsh_unload_obj(elfshobj_t *file);

/* elf.c */
int         elfsh_load_hdr(elfshobj_t *file);
void        *elfsh_get_hdr(elfshobj_t *file);
elfsh_Off       elfsh_get_shtoff(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_shtnbr(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Off       elfsh_get_phtoff(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_phtnbr(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_entrypoint(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_arch(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_objtype(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_shstrtab_index(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_version(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_ehsize(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_phentsize(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
elfsh_Half      elfsh_get_shentsize(elfsh_Ehdr *e);
int             elfsh_set_shtoff(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr off);
int             elfsh_set_shtnbr(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr num);
int             elfsh_set_phtoff(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr num);
int         elfsh_set_phtnbr(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr num);
int             elfsh_set_entrypoint(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr addr);
u_int       elfsh_set_arch(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
u_int       elfsh_set_objtype(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
u_int       elfsh_set_shstrtab_index(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
u_int       elfsh_set_version(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
u_int       elfsh_set_ehsize(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
u_int       elfsh_set_phentsize(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
u_int       elfsh_set_shentsize(elfsh_Ehdr *e, eresi_Addr val);
int         elfsh_get_encoding(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
int         elfsh_set_encoding(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr type);
int         elfsh_set_flags(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr flags);
elfsh_Word  elfsh_get_flags(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
int         elfsh_set_magic(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr mag);
int         elfsh_get_magic(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
int         elfsh_set_class(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr _class);
int         elfsh_get_class(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
void        elfsh_endianize_elfhdr(elfsh_Ehdr *e, char byteorder);

int         elfsh_static_file(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_dynamic_file(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_set_rphtoff(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr num);
elfsh_Off   elfsh_get_rphtoff(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
int         elfsh_get_core_notes(elfshobj_t *file);

/* pax.c */
int         elfsh_set_paxflags(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr flags);
elfsh_Word  elfsh_get_paxflags(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
char            elfsh_set_pax_pageexec(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr off);
char            elfsh_get_pax_pageexec(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
char            elfsh_set_pax_emultramp(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr off);
char            elfsh_get_pax_emultramp(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
char            elfsh_set_pax_mprotect(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr off);
char            elfsh_get_pax_mprotect(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
char            elfsh_set_pax_randmmap(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr off);
char            elfsh_get_pax_randmmap(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
char            elfsh_set_pax_randexec(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr off);
char            elfsh_get_pax_randexec(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);
char            elfsh_set_pax_segmexec(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr, eresi_Addr off);
char            elfsh_get_pax_segmexec(elfsh_Ehdr *hdr);

/* stab.c */
void        *elfsh_get_stab(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
eresi_Addr  elfsh_get_stab_offset(elfshstabent_t *s);
char        *elfsh_get_stab_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfshstabent_t *s);
u_int       elfsh_get_stab_type(elfshstabent_t *s);

/* sht.c */
elfsh_Shdr      *elfsh_get_shtentry_from_sym(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *sym);
void        *elfsh_get_sht(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
void        *elfsh_get_runtime_sht(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
int         elfsh_load_sht(elfshobj_t *file);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_sym_from_shtentry(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Shdr *hdr);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_section_info(elfsh_Shdr *s);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_section_entsize(elfsh_Shdr *s);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_section_link(elfsh_Shdr *s);
elfsh_Off       elfsh_get_section_foffset(elfsh_Shdr *s);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_section_addr(elfsh_Shdr *s);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_section_align(elfsh_Shdr *s);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_section_size(elfsh_Shdr *s);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_section_type(elfsh_Shdr *s);
int             elfsh_set_section_info(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr info);
int             elfsh_set_section_entsize(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr entsize);
int             elfsh_set_section_link(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr link);
int         elfsh_set_section_foffset(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr offset);
int         elfsh_set_section_addr(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_set_section_align(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr align);
int         elfsh_set_section_size(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr size);
int         elfsh_set_section_type(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr type);
char        elfsh_get_section_execflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_get_section_writableflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_get_section_allocflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_get_section_mergeableflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_get_section_strflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_get_section_linkflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_get_section_orderflag(elfsh_Shdr *s);
char        elfsh_set_section_execflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
char        elfsh_set_section_writableflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
char        elfsh_set_section_allocflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
char        elfsh_set_section_mergeableflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
char        elfsh_set_section_strflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
char        elfsh_set_section_linkflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
char        elfsh_set_section_orderflag(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr val);
int         elfsh_insert_shdr(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Shdr hdr, u_int range, char *name, char shift);
void        elfsh_remove_sht(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_set_section_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, char *name);
char        *elfsh_get_section_name(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *s);
elfsh_Shdr  elfsh_create_shdr(elfsh_Word name, elfsh_Word type, elfsh_Word flags,
                              eresi_Addr addr, elfsh_Off offset, elfsh_Word size,
                              elfsh_Word link, elfsh_Word info, elfsh_Word align,
                              elfsh_Word entsize);
int         elfsh_insert_runtime_shdr(elfshobj_t *f, elfsh_Shdr hdr, u_int r, char *name, char sf);

int         elfsh_sort_sht(elfshobj_t *file);
void        elfsh_sync_sectnames(elfshobj_t *file);
void        elfsh_sync_sht(elfshobj_t *file);
elfsh_Shdr  *elfsh_get_sht_entry_by_index(elfsh_Shdr *s, eresi_Addr index);
elfsh_Shdr  *elfsh_get_sht_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
int         elfsh_endianize_sht(elfsh_Shdr *sht, char byteorder, uint16_t shnum);
int         elfsh_filter_sht(elfshobj_t *file);

/* pht.c */
void        *elfsh_get_pht(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
elfsh_Phdr  *elfsh_get_segment_by_type(elfshobj_t *file, int type, int range);
elfsh_Phdr  *elfsh_get_parent_segment(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *_new);
int         elfsh_segment_is_parent(elfshsect_t *_new, elfsh_Phdr *p);
int         elfsh_load_pht(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_segment_is_writable(elfsh_Phdr *p);
int         elfsh_segment_is_readable(elfsh_Phdr *p);
int         elfsh_segment_is_executable(elfsh_Phdr *p);
int         elfsh_set_segment_flags(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr flags);
int         elfsh_set_segment_align(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr align);
int         elfsh_set_segment_memsz(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr memsz);
int         elfsh_set_segment_filesz(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr filesz);
int         elfsh_set_segment_paddr(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr paddr);
int         elfsh_set_segment_vaddr(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr vaddr);
int         elfsh_set_segment_type(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr type);
int         elfsh_set_segment_offset(elfsh_Phdr *p, eresi_Addr offset);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_segment_flags(elfsh_Phdr *p);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_segment_align(elfsh_Phdr *p);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_segment_memsz(elfsh_Phdr *p);
elfsh_Word      elfsh_get_segment_filesz(elfsh_Phdr *p);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_segment_paddr(elfsh_Phdr *p);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_segment_vaddr(elfsh_Phdr *p);
elfsh_Word  elfsh_get_segment_type(elfsh_Phdr *p);
elfsh_Off   elfsh_get_segment_offset(elfsh_Phdr *p);
elfsh_Phdr  *elfsh_get_pht_entry_by_index(elfsh_Phdr *pht, eresi_Addr index);
eresi_Addr  elfsh_get_object_baseaddr(elfshobj_t *file);
void        elfsh_endianize_pht(elfsh_Phdr *pht, char byteorder, uint16_t sz);
elfsh_Phdr  elfsh_create_phdr(elfsh_Word t, eresi_Addr a, elfsh_Off z, elfsh_Word al);
elfsh_Phdr  *elfsh_insert_phdr(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Phdr *h);
int         elfsh_remove_phdr(elfshobj_t *current, int index);

void        *elfsh_get_rpht(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
int         elfsh_create_rpht(elfshobj_t *file);
elfsh_Phdr  *elfsh_insert_runtime_phdr(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Phdr *h);

/* hash.c */
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_hashchain_num(elfsh_Word *c);
int           elfsh_set_hashchain_num(elfsh_Word *c, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_hashbucket_num(elfsh_Word *b);
int           elfsh_set_hashbucket_num(elfsh_Word *b, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_hashchain_value(elfsh_Word *c);
int           elfsh_set_hashchain_value(elfsh_Word *c, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_hashbucket_value(elfsh_Word *b);
int           elfsh_set_hashbucket_value(elfsh_Word *b, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    *elfsh_get_hashchain_by_name(elfshobj_t *f, char *s);
elfsh_Word    *elfsh_get_hashchain_by_index(void *p, u_int i);
elfsh_Word    *elfsh_get_hashbucket_by_name(elfshobj_t *f, char *s);
elfsh_Word    *elfsh_get_hashbucket_by_index(void *p, u_int i);
elfsh_Word    *elfsh_get_hashchain(const void *d);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_hashnchain(const void *d);
elfsh_Word    *elfsh_get_hashbucket(const void *d);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_hashnbucket(const void *d);
void          *elfsh_get_hashtable(elfshobj_t *file, int *n);
elfshsect_t   *elfsh_get_hashtable_by_range(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr range, int *num);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_symbol_hash(char *sym_name);
int         elfsh_get_dynsymbol_by_hash(elfshobj_t *file, char *sym_name);
elfshobj_t    *elfsh_hash_getfile_def(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
elfsh_Verdef  *elfsh_hash_getdef(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, void *defdata, int size);

/* got.c */
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_got(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
elfshsect_t     *elfsh_get_got_by_idx(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr range, u_int *nbr);
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_got_entry_by_index(eresi_Addr *got, eresi_Addr index);
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_got_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
int         elfsh_set_got_entry_by_index(elfshobj_t *file, int index, eresi_Addr a);
int         elfsh_set_got_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, eresi_Addr a);
int         elfsh_set_got_entry(eresi_Addr *got, eresi_Addr vaddr);
eresi_Addr        elfsh_get_got_entry(eresi_Addr *got);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_got_val(eresi_Addr *got);
u_int       elfsh_set_got_val(eresi_Addr *got, eresi_Addr val);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_got_addr(eresi_Addr *got);
u_int       elfsh_set_got_addr(eresi_Addr *got, eresi_Addr val);
int         elfsh_get_got_symbol_reloc(elfshobj_t *file, uint8 *name,
                                     elfsh_Rel *rel_entry);
int         elfsh_endianize_got(elfshsect_t *_new);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_gotsct(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_shift_got(elfshobj_t *file, u_int size, char *name);

/* dtors.c */
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_dtors(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_dtors_entry_by_index(eresi_Addr *dtors, eresi_Addr index);
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_dtors_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
eresi_Addr        elfsh_get_dtors_entry(eresi_Addr *dtors);
int         elfsh_set_dtors_entry_by_index(elfshobj_t *file, int index, eresi_Addr a);
int         elfsh_set_dtors_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, eresi_Addr a);
int         elfsh_set_dtors_entry(eresi_Addr *dtors, eresi_Addr vaddr);
int         elfsh_shift_dtors(elfshobj_t *file, u_int size);

/* ctors.c */
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_ctors(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_ctors_entry_by_index(eresi_Addr *ctors, eresi_Addr index);
eresi_Addr        *elfsh_get_ctors_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
eresi_Addr        elfsh_get_ctors_entry(eresi_Addr *ctors);
int         elfsh_set_ctors_entry_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, eresi_Addr a);
int         elfsh_set_ctors_entry_by_index(elfshobj_t *file, int index, eresi_Addr a);
int         elfsh_set_ctors_entry(eresi_Addr *ctors, eresi_Addr vaddr);
int         elfsh_shift_ctors(elfshobj_t *file, u_int size);

/* section.c */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_by_type(elfshobj_t *, u_int type, int range, int *, int *, int *);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_by_index(elfshobj_t *, eresi_Addr index, int *, int *);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_by_name(elfshobj_t *, char *name, int *, int *, int *);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_parent_section(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr addr, elfsh_SAddr *offset);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_parent_section_by_foffset(elfshobj_t *file, u_int foff, elfsh_SAddr *offset);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_create_section(char *name);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_from_sym(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *sym);
void        *elfsh_load_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Shdr *shdr);
void        *elfsh_get_anonymous_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect);
int         elfsh_append_data_to_section(elfshsect_t *sect, void *input, u_int len);
char        elfsh_shift_section(elfshsect_t *sct, elfshsect_t *tmp, u_char mode);
int         elfsh_fill_section(elfshsect_t *sect, char c, u_int size);
int         elfsh_remove_section(elfshobj_t *obj, char *name);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_list(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_tail_section(elfshobj_t *file);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_by_idx(elfshsect_t *list, eresi_Addr index);
void        *elfsh_get_section_data(elfshsect_t *obj, u_int off, u_int sizelem);
int         elfsh_add_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, u_int index, void *data, int shift);
int             elfsh_add_runtime_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sct, u_int range, void *dat);

int         elfsh_write_section_data(elfshsect_t *sect, u_int off, char *data, u_int size, u_int sizelem);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_section_by_nam(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
void        *elfsh_get_raw(elfshsect_t *sect);
int         elfsh_section_is_runtime(elfshsect_t *sect);
elfshsect_t     *elfsh_get_rsection_by_index(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr idx, int *stridx, int *num);

/* inject.c */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_insert_section(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char *data, char mode, u_int size, u_int mod);
int         elfsh_insert_unmapped_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data);
int         elfsh_insert_mapped_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data, int mode, u_int modulo);
int         elfsh_insert_data_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data);
int         elfsh_insert_code_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data, u_int mod);
int         elfsh_insert_code_section_up(elfshobj_t*, elfshsect_t*, elfsh_Shdr, void*, u_int);
int         elfsh_insert_section_idx(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data, u_int index);
int         elfsh_insert_static_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data, int mode, u_int mod);
int         elfsh_insert_runtime_section(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Shdr hdr, void *data, int mode, u_int mod);

/* version.c */
elfsh_Vernaux *elfsh_check_defneed_eq(elfshobj_t *file, elfshobj_t *deffile, elfsh_Verneed *need, elfsh_Verdef *def);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verneed_aux(elfsh_Verneed *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_aux(elfsh_Verneed *n, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_verneed_cnt(elfsh_Verneed *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_cnt(elfsh_Verneed *n, elfsh_Half v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verneed_file(elfsh_Verneed *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_file(elfsh_Verneed *n, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verneed_next(void *p);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_next(void *p, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_verneed_flags(elfsh_Vernaux *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_flags(elfsh_Vernaux *n, elfsh_Half v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verneed_hash(elfsh_Vernaux *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_hash(elfsh_Vernaux *n, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verneed_name(elfsh_Vernaux *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_name(elfsh_Vernaux *n, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_verneed_ndx(elfsh_Vernaux *n);
int           elfsh_set_verneed_ndx(elfsh_Vernaux *n, elfsh_Half v);
elfsh_Verneed *elfsh_get_verneed_by_name(elfshobj_t *f, char *n);
elfsh_Vernaux *elfsh_get_verneed_entry_by_index(void *p, elfsh_Half i);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verdef_cname(elfsh_Verdaux *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_cname(elfsh_Verdaux *d, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verdef_next(void *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_next(void *d, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verdef_aux(elfsh_Verdef *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_aux(elfsh_Verdef *d, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_verdef_flags(elfsh_Verdef *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_flags(elfsh_Verdef *d, elfsh_Half v);
elfsh_Word    elfsh_get_verdef_hash(elfsh_Verdef *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_hash(elfsh_Verdef *d, elfsh_Word v);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_verdef_cnt(elfsh_Verdef *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_cnt(elfsh_Verdef *d, elfsh_Half v);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_verdef_ndx(elfsh_Verdef *d);
int           elfsh_set_verdef_ndx(elfsh_Verdef *d, elfsh_Half v);
void          *elfsh_get_verdef_entry_by_index(void *p, elfsh_Half i);
elfsh_Half    *elfsh_get_versym_entry_by_index(elfsh_Half *s, u_int i);
elfsh_Half    elfsh_get_versym_val(elfsh_Half *s);
int           elfsh_set_versym_val(elfsh_Half *s, elfsh_Half v);
elfsh_Half    *elfsh_get_versym_by_name(elfshobj_t *f, char *n);
int           elfsh_get_verdauxnamelist(elfshobj_t *f, hashdef_t *hdef, char **n, int nu);
int           elfsh_load_needtable(hash_t *t, void *p, u_int s);
int           elfsh_load_deftable(hash_t *t, void *p, u_int s);
void          *elfsh_get_versymtab(elfshobj_t *f, int *n);
elfshsect_t   *elfsh_get_versymtab_by_range(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr range, int *num);
void          *elfsh_get_verneedtab(elfshobj_t *f, int *n);
void          *elfsh_get_verdeftab(elfshobj_t *f, int *n);
elfshsect_t   *elfsh_get_verdeftab_by_idx(elfshobj_t *f, eresi_Addr r, int *n);
void          *elfsh_get_verstrtable(elfshobj_t *f);
char          *elfsh_get_verneedfile(elfshobj_t *f, elfsh_Verneed *n);
char          *elfsh_get_vernauxname(elfshobj_t *f, elfsh_Vernaux *a);
char          *elfsh_get_verdauxname(elfshobj_t *f, elfsh_Verdaux *a);

/* reloc.c */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_reloc(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr range, u_int *num);
void        elfsh_free_reloc_list(elfshobj_t *file);
u_int       elfsh_set_reltype(elfsh_Rel *r, eresi_Addr type);
u_int       elfsh_set_relsym(elfsh_Rel *r, eresi_Addr sym);
int             elfsh_set_reloffset(elfsh_Rel *r, eresi_Addr off);
u_int       elfsh_get_reltype(elfsh_Rel *r);
u_int       elfsh_get_relsym(elfsh_Rel *r);
eresi_Addr      elfsh_get_reloffset(elfsh_Rel *r);
void        elfsh_setrel(char b);   /* scripting flag for dynamic 'Rel vs Rela' info */
elfsh_Rel   *elfsh_get_relent_by_index(elfsh_Rel *table, eresi_Addr index);
elfshrel_t  *elfsh_find_rel(elfshsect_t *sect);
int         elfsh_insert_relent(elfshsect_t *sect, elfsh_Rel *rel);
char        *elfsh_get_symname_from_reloc(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Rel *r);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_get_symbol_from_reloc(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Rel *r);
elfsh_Rel   *elfsh_get_relent_by_name(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
elfsh_Sword     elfsh_get_reladdend(elfsh_Rela *r);
int             elfsh_set_reladdend(elfsh_Rela *r, eresi_Addr val);
int         elfsh_endianize_relocs(elfshsect_t *s);
elfsh_Rel   elfsh_create_relent(eresi_Addr type, eresi_Addr sym, 
                              eresi_Addr off);
elfsh_Rela  elfsh_create_relaent(eresi_Addr type, eresi_Addr sym, 
                                 eresi_Addr off, eresi_Addr add);

/* interp.c */
char        *elfsh_get_interp(elfshobj_t *file);
int             elfsh_write_interp(elfshobj_t *file, char *interp);

/* notes */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_notes(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr range);

void        elfsh_free_notes_list(elfshobj_t *file);

/* plt.c */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_plt(elfshobj_t *file, int *num);
int         elfsh_is_pltentry(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *sym);
int         elfsh_is_plt(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *s);
int         elfsh_is_altplt(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *s);
int         elfsh_get_pltentsz(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_get_first_pltentsz(elfshobj_t *file);

/* altplt.c */
int         elfsh_relink_plt(elfshobj_t *file, u_int modulo);
int         elfsh_copy_plt(elfshobj_t *file, u_int modulo);
int         elfsh_get_plt_symbol_offset(elfshobj_t *file, uint8 *name,
                                  elfsh_Off *off);
int         elfsh_build_plt(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_altplt_firstent(elfshsect_t   *created, 
                            u_int         *off,
                            elfshsect_t   *symtab, 
                            elfshobj_t    *file, 
                            elfshsect_t   *plt,
                            elfshsect_t   *extplt,
                            uint32_t            diff);

/* altgot.c */
int         elfsh_redirect_pltgot(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *altgot, elfshsect_t *got, 
                            elfshsect_t *plt, elfshsect_t *altplt);
int         elfsh_shift_generic_relocs(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr diff, 
                                 elfshsect_t *relplt);
int         elfsh_shift_alpha_relocs(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, 
                               elfshsect_t *altgot, u_int off);
int         elfsh_shift_ia32_relocs(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr  diff,
                              elfshsect_t *relplt, eresi_Addr limit);
void        elfsh_shift_mips_relocs(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr diff);
int         elfsh_shift_sparc_relocs(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr diff, 
                               elfshsect_t *relplt);
int         elfsh_reencode_pltentry(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *plt, 
                              uint32_t diff, u_int off);
int         elfsh_reencode_first_pltentry(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *plt, 
                                    uint32_t diff);

/* extplt.c */
int         elfsh_extplt_expand_versym(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *versym, char *name);
int         elfsh_extplt_expand_hash(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *hash, elfshsect_t *dynsym, char *name);
int         elfsh_extplt_mirror_sections(elfshobj_t *file);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_request_pltent(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);

/* raw.c */
int         elfsh_raw_write(elfshobj_t *file, u_int dst, void *src, int len);
int         elfsh_raw_read(elfshobj_t *file, u_int dst, void *src, int len);
int         elfsh_get_foffset_from_vaddr(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr vaddr);
int         elfsh_get_vaddr_from_foffset(elfshobj_t *file, u_int foffset);

/* remap.c */
int             elfsh_reloc_pht(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_sht(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_relocate_section(elfshsect_t *sect, eresi_Addr diff);

int             elfsh_reloc_raw(elfshsect_t *cur, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_symtab(elfshsect_t *s, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_rel(elfshsect_t *sect, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_got(elfshsect_t *sect, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_ctors(elfshsect_t *sect, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_dtors(elfshsect_t *sect, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_hash(elfshsect_t *sect, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_reloc_array(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr *array, u_int size, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_relocate(elfshobj_t *file);

/* map.c */
int         elfsh_read_obj(elfshobj_t *file);
elfshobj_t  *elfsh_map_obj(char *name);
elfshsect_t *   elfsh_fixup_sctndx(elfshsect_t *symtab);

/* save.c */
int         elfsh_save_relocate(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_save_obj(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);

/* copy.c */
elfshobj_t  *elfsh_copy_obj(elfshobj_t *file);

/* strtab.c */
int         elfsh_insert_in_strtab(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
int         elfsh_insert_in_shstrtab(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
int         elfsh_insert_in_dynstr(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_strtab(elfshobj_t *file, int index);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_rebuild_strtab(elfshobj_t *file);
int             elfsh_insert_in_rshstrtab(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);

/* fixup.c */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_fixup_symtab(elfshobj_t *file, int *strindex);
int          elfsh_fixup_dynsymtab(elfshsect_t *dynsym);
elfsh_Sym    *elfsh_restore_dynsym(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *plt, u_int off, 
                                 elfshsect_t *dynsym);

/* sanitize.c */
void        elfsh_update_nameidx(elfshobj_t *file, int offset, int len);
void        elfsh_update_linkidx(elfshobj_t *file, int low_index, int diff);
void        elfsh_update_linkidx_equ(elfshobj_t *file, int idx, int diff);
void        elfsh_update_symlinkidx_equ(elfshobj_t *file, int idx, int diff);
void        elfsh_update_shidx(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *tab, int idx, int diff);
void        elfsh_update_symtab_shidx(elfshobj_t *file, int idx, int diff);
void        elfsh_update_dynsym_shidx(elfshobj_t *file, int idx, int diff);

/* sht_rebuild.c */
int         elfsh_rebuild_sht(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_merge_shtentry(elfshobj_t *file, 
                           int      phdr_index, 
                           elfsh_Shdr shdr, 
                           char     *name);

/* comment.c */
elfshsect_t *elfsh_get_comments(elfshobj_t *file);
char        *elfsh_get_comments_entry(elfshobj_t *file, u_int range);

/* hijack.c */
int         elfsh_hijack_function_by_name(elfshobj_t  *file,
                                    uint32_t          type,
                                    char        *name,
                                    eresi_Addr  addr,
                                    eresi_Addr  *hooked);

/* debug.c */
int         elfsh_print_sectlist(elfshobj_t *obj, char *label);
char        *elfsh_get_machine_string(elfsh_Half machine);

/* bss.c */
int         elfsh_fixup_bss_real(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *bss, char fixflag);       
elfshsect_t *elfsh_fixup_bss(elfshobj_t *file);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_add_bss(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_flush_bss(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_cleanup_bss(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Phdr *pht);
int         elfsh_find_bsslen(elfshobj_t *host, elfshobj_t *rel, char *name);
elfshsect_t *elfsh_insert_runtime_bss(elfshobj_t *file, elfshobj_t *rel);

/* relinject.c */
int         elfsh_inject_etrel(elfshobj_t *file, elfshobj_t *rel);
int         elfsh_relocate_object(elfshobj_t *file, elfshobj_t *rel, u_char stage);
int         elfsh_inject_etrel_hash(elfshobj_t *host, elfshobj_t *rel, 
                              hash_t *first, hash_t *second);

/* search.c */
int         elfsh_register_working_objects(hash_t *prvhash,hash_t *sharedhash);
elfshobj_t  *elfsh_find_obj_by_symbol(char *name);
elfsh_Sym   *elfsh_strongest_symbol(elfsh_Sym *choice, elfsh_Sym *candidate);

/* sort.c */
int         elfsh_sync_sorted_symtab(elfshsect_t *sect);
int         elfsh_sort_symtab(elfsh_Sym *symtab, int size, int type);

/* hooks.c */
u_char            elfsh_get_ostype(elfshobj_t *file);
u_char            elfsh_get_hosttype(elfshobj_t *file);
u_char            elfsh_get_elftype(elfshobj_t *file);
u_char            elfsh_get_archtype(elfshobj_t *file);
int         elfsh_default_plthandler(elfshobj_t *n, elfsh_Sym *n2, eresi_Addr n3);
int         elfsh_default_relhandler(elfshsect_t *n, elfsh_Rel *n2, eresi_Addr *n3, eresi_Addr n4, elfshsect_t *n5);
int         elfsh_default_cflowhandler(elfshobj_t *n, char *n1, elfsh_Sym *n2, eresi_Addr n3);
int         elfsh_default_argchandler(eresi_Addr addr);

int         elfsh_register_altplthook(u_char arch, u_char obj, u_char os, void *fct);
int         elfsh_register_plthook(u_char arch, u_char o, u_char os, void *fct);
int         elfsh_register_relhook(u_char a, u_char o, u_char os, void *fct);
int         elfsh_register_cflowhook(u_char a, u_char o, u_char os, void *fct);
int         elfsh_register_extplthook(u_char a, u_char o, u_char os, void *f);
int         elfsh_register_argchook(u_char a, u_char o, u_char os, void *fct);

int             elfsh_register_vector(char      *name,
                                      void      *registerfunc,
                                      void      *defaultfunc,
                                      u_int     *dimensions,
                                      u_int     dimsz);

int         elfsh_get_pagesize(elfshobj_t *file);
u_int       elfsh_get_breaksize(elfshobj_t *file);
void        elfsh_setup_hooks();

int             elfsh_plt(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr created);
int             elfsh_altplt(elfshobj_t *file, elfsh_Sym *s, eresi_Addr created);
int             elfsh_cflow(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, elfsh_Sym *old,
                            eresi_Addr created);
int             elfsh_rel(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *s, elfsh_Rel *r,
                          eresi_Addr *l, eresi_Addr a, elfshsect_t *m);
int             elfsh_encodeplt(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *plt, 
                                eresi_Addr diff, u_int off);
int             elfsh_encodeplt1(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *plt, 
                                 elfshsect_t *extplt, eresi_Addr diff);
int             elfsh_extplt(elfshsect_t *extplt, elfshsect_t *altgot, 
                             elfshsect_t *dynsym, elfshsect_t *relplt);
int         *elfsh_args_count(elfshobj_t *file, u_int off, eresi_Addr vaddr);

/* sparc32.c */
int         elfsh_cflow_sparc32(elfshobj_t  *null,
                            char    *snull,
                            elfsh_Sym*    null2,
                            eresi_Addr    null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_sparc32(elfshobj_t *file,
                               elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                               eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_altplt_sparc32(elfshobj_t *file,
                                  elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                                  eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_sparc32(elfshsect_t  *_new,
                               elfsh_Rela *cur,
                               eresi_Addr *dword,
                               eresi_Addr       addr,
                               elfshsect_t      *mod);

/* sparc64.c */
int         elfsh_cflow_sparc64(elfshobj_t  *null,
                            char    *snull,
                            elfsh_Sym     *null2,
                            eresi_Addr    null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_sparc64(elfshobj_t *file,
                               elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                               eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_altplt_sparc64(elfshobj_t *file,
                                  elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                                  eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_sparc64(elfshsect_t  *_new,
                               elfsh_Rela       *cur,
                               eresi_Addr       *dword,
                               eresi_Addr       addr,
                               elfshsect_t      *mod);

/* ia64.c */
int         elfsh_cflow_ia64(elfshobj_t     *null,
                         char       *sname,
                         elfsh_Sym  *null2,
                         eresi_Addr null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_ia64(elfshobj_t *file,
                              elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                              eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_altplt_ia64(elfshobj_t *file,
                               elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                               eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_ia64(elfshsect_t     *_new,
                            elfsh_Rela   *cur,
                            eresi_Addr   *dword,
                            eresi_Addr   addr,
                            elfshsect_t  *mod);

/* alpha64.c */
int         elfsh_cflow_alpha64(elfshobj_t  *null,
                            char    *sname,
                            elfsh_Sym     *null2,
                            eresi_Addr    null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_alpha64(elfshobj_t *file,
                               elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                               eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_altplt_alpha64(elfshobj_t *file,
                                  elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                                  eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_alpha64(elfshsect_t  *_new,
                               elfsh_Rela   *cur,
                               eresi_Addr   *dword,
                               eresi_Addr   addr,
                               elfshsect_t  *mod);

/* mips32.c */
int         elfsh_cflow_mips32(elfshobj_t   *null,
                           char           *sname,
                           elfsh_Sym      *null2,
                           eresi_Addr     null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_mips32(elfshobj_t *file,
                              elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                              eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_altplt_mips32(elfshobj_t *file,
                                 elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                                 eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_mips32(elfshsect_t  *_new,
                              elfsh_Rel    *cur,
                              eresi_Addr   *dword,
                              eresi_Addr   addr,
                              elfshsect_t  *mod);

/* mips64.c */
int         elfsh_cflow_mips64(elfshobj_t   *null,
                           char           *sname,
                           elfsh_Sym      *null2,
                           eresi_Addr     null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_mips64(elfshobj_t *file,
                              elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                              eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_altplt_mips64(elfshobj_t *file,
                                 elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                                 eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_mips64(elfshsect_t  *_new,
                              elfsh_Rel    *cur,
                              eresi_Addr   *dword,
                              eresi_Addr   addr,
                              elfshsect_t  *mod);

/* ia32.c */
int         elfsh_reencode_pltentry_ia32(elfshobj_t   *file, 
                                   elfshsect_t  *plt, 
                                   uint32_t     diff, 
                                   u_int       off);
int         elfsh_reencode_first_pltentry_ia32(elfshobj_t  *file, 
                                       elfshsect_t *plt, 
                                       uint32_t diff);
int         elfsh_encodeplt1_ia32(elfshobj_t *file, 
                              elfshsect_t *plt, 
                              elfshsect_t *extplt,
                              eresi_Addr diff);
int         elfsh_encodeplt_ia32(elfshobj_t *file, 
                             elfshsect_t *plt, 
                             eresi_Addr diff,
                             u_int  off);
int         elfsh_extplt_ia32(elfshsect_t *extplt, elfshsect_t *altgot,
                          elfshsect_t *dynsym, elfshsect_t *relplt);
int         elfsh_cflow_ia32(elfshobj_t      *null,
                         char       *sname,
                         elfsh_Sym  *null2,
                         eresi_Addr null3);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_ia32(elfshobj_t *file,
                              elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                              eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_hijack_plt_ia32_etdyn(elfshobj_t *file,
                                  elfsh_Sym *symbol,
                                  eresi_Addr addr);
int         elfsh_relocate_ia32(elfshsect_t     *_new,
                            elfsh_Rel     *cur,
                            eresi_Addr    *dword,
                            eresi_Addr    addr,
                            elfshsect_t *mod);
int           *elfsh_args_count_ia32(elfshobj_t *file, u_int off, eresi_Addr vaddr);

/* reginfo.c */
elfsh_Sword *elfsh_get_gpvalue_addr(elfshobj_t* file);
int             elfsh_set_gpvalue(elfshobj_t* file, eresi_Addr gp);
elfsh_Sword     elfsh_get_gpvalue(elfshobj_t* file);

/* runtime.c */
eresi_Addr   elfsh_runtime_map(elfsh_Phdr *segment);
int         elfsh_runtime_unmap(elfsh_Phdr *segment);
int         elfsh_set_phdr_prot(u_int mode);
int         elfsh_munprotect(elfshobj_t *obj, eresi_Addr addr, uint32_t sz);
int         elfsh_mprotect(eresi_Addr addr, uint32_t sz, int prot);

/* state.c */
u_char            elfsh_is_static_mode(); 
void        elfsh_set_static_mode();
u_char            elfsh_is_debug_mode();
void        elfsh_set_debug_mode();
void        elfsh_set_mode(u_char mode);
u_char            elfsh_get_mode();
void        elfsh_toggle_mode();
u_char            elfsh_debugger_present();
void        elfsh_error();

/* linkmap.c */
eresi_Addr  elfsh_linkmap_get_laddr(elfshlinkmap_t *lm);
void        elfsh_linkmap_set_laddr(elfshlinkmap_t *lm, eresi_Addr laddr);
char        *elfsh_linkmap_get_lname(elfshlinkmap_t *lm);
void        elfsh_linkmap_set_lname(elfshlinkmap_t *lm, char *name);
elfsh_Dyn   *elfsh_linkmap_get_lld(elfshlinkmap_t *lm);
void        elfsh_linkmap_set_lld(elfshlinkmap_t *lm, elfsh_Dyn *lld);
elfshlinkmap_t    *elfsh_linkmap_get_lnext(elfshlinkmap_t *lm);
void        elfsh_linkmap_set_lnext(elfshlinkmap_t *lm, elfshlinkmap_t *lnext);
elfshlinkmap_t    *elfsh_linkmap_get_lprev(elfshlinkmap_t *lm);
void        elfsh_linkmap_set_lprev(elfshlinkmap_t *lm, elfshlinkmap_t *lprev);
elfshlinkmap_t    *elfsh_linkmap_by_name(elfshlinkmap_t *lm, char *name);

/* bt.c */
void        *elfsh_bt(void *frame);

#ifndef __KERNEL__
void        *elfsh_bt_get_frame(ucontext_t *);

/* bp.c */
int         elfsh_bp_add(hash_t *bps, elfshobj_t *file, 
                       char *resolv, eresi_Addr addr, 
                       u_char flags);

#endif /* __LIBELFSH_H_ */

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