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** @file revm.h
** @ingroup librevm_hdr
** Started on  Thu Feb 22 07:19:04 2001 jfv
** Moved from elfsh to librevm on January 2007 -may
** $Id: revm.h,v 1.97 2008-02-16 12:32:27 thor Exp $
#ifndef __REVM_H_
 #define __REVM_H_

/* User defined configuration */
#include "revm-vars.h"

/* Do not put all those headers when compiling for kernel */
#ifndef __KERNEL__

#define __USE_ISOC99

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <termios.h>

#ifdef __BSD__
#include <util.h>
#elif defined(__linux__)
#include <pty.h>

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/wait.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <setjmp.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#define __USE_GNU
#if !defined(__OpenBSD__)
#include <sys/ucontext.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <stdarg.h> 
#include <regex.h>
 #include "../../libregex/regex.h"

#include "libelfsh.h"
//#include "libetrace.h"
#include "libedfmt.h"
#include "libaspect.h"

#if defined(ELFSHNET)
 #include <libdump.h>

#if defined(USE_READLN)
 #include <libui.h>
 #define RL_PROMPT_START_IGNORE '\001'
 #define RL_PROMPT_END_IGNORE   '\002'

#if defined(__FreeBSD__)
  extern char **environ;

#if defined(KERNSH)
#include "libkernsh.h"

/* Disassembling engine */
#include <libasm.h>
extern asm_processor    proc;

/* Now come INTERNAL DEBUGGING VARIABLES for various part of the ERESI code */
#define     __DEBUG_DISASM__  0
#define     __DEBUG_SIGHANDLER__    0
#define     __DEBUG_LANG__          0
#define     __DEBUG_SCANNER__ 0
#define     __DEBUG_ASLR__          0
#define __DEBUG_NETWORK__     0
#define __DEBUG_RESOLVE__     0
#define __DEBUG_HIJACK__      0
#define __DEBUG_TEST__        0
#define __DEBUG_TRACE__       0
#define     __DEBUG_GRAPH__         0
#define __DEBUG_ARG_COUNT__   0
#define     __DEBUG_EXPRS__         0
#define     __DEBUG_EXPRS_MORE__    0

/* Parsing related defines */
#define     REVM_MAXNEST_LOOP 10

/* XXX: REVM still needs those definition somewhere ... modularity weaknesses w/ libstderesi */
#define     E2DBG_NAME        "Embedded ELF Debugger"
#define     E2DBG_ARGV0       "e2dbg"
#define     CMD_CONTINUE            "continue"
#define     CMD_CONTINUE2           "cont"
#define     CMD_QUIT           "quit"
#define     CMD_QUIT2          "exit"
#define     CMD_RETURN        "return"
#define     CMD_RETURN2       "ret"
#define     CMD_PARAM_INTO          "into"
#define     CMD_FOREACH       "foreach"
#define     CMD_FOREND        "forend"
#define     CMD_MATCH         "rewrite"
#define     CMD_MATCHEND            "rwtend"
#define     CMD_DEFAULT       "default"
#define     CMD_CASE          "case"
#define     CMD_PRE                 "pre"
#define     CMD_POST          "post"

/* Special cmd_ return values that indicate special events */
#define     REVM_SCRIPT_ERROR (-1)
#define     REVM_SCRIPT_OK          (0)
#define     REVM_SCRIPT_CONTINUE    (1)
#define     REVM_SCRIPT_STOP  (2)
#define     REVM_SCRIPT_QUIT  (3)

/* General usage macros */
#define FATAL(a)        { perror(a); revm_exit(-1);               }
#define QUIT_ERROR(a)         { revm_exit(a);                           }
#define RET(a)                PROFILER_ROUT(__FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, a)
#define RETERR(a)       PROFILER_ERR(__FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, a, -1)
#define     PERROR_RET(a, b)  { perror(a); RETERR (b);                  }
#define     PRINTABLE(c)            (c >= 32 && c <= 126)
#define REGX_IS_USED(a)       a
#define     IS_VADDR(s)       (s[0] == '0' && (s[1] == 'X' || s[1] == 'x'))
#define     IS_BLANK(c)       (c == ' ' || c == '\t')

#define     REVM_VAR_ARGC           "$#"
#define REVM_VAR_RESULT       "$_"
#define     REVM_VAR_LOAD           "$!"
#define     REVM_VAR_ERROR          "$ERR"
#define     REVM_VAR_SHELL          "$SHELL"
#define     REVM_VAR_EDITOR         "$EDITOR"
#define REVM_VAR_LIBPATH      "$LPATH"
#define     REVM_TMPVAR_PREFIX      "$TMPVAR"
#define     REVM_VAR_PREFIX         '$'

/* Some constant tokens for case command */
#define     REVM_CASE_ARROW         "->"
#define     REVM_CASE_QMARK         "?"

/* REVM atomic operations */
#define     REVM_OP_UNKNOW          0
#define     REVM_OP_ADD       1
#define     REVM_OP_SUB       2
#define     REVM_OP_MUL       3
#define     REVM_OP_DIV       4
#define     REVM_OP_MOD       5
#define     REVM_OP_SET       6
#define     REVM_OP_CMP       7
#define     REVM_OP_MATCH           8
#define     REVM_OP_COPY            9

/* Some useful macros */
#define     CHOOSE_REGX(r, idx)  r = (world.curjob->curcmd->use_regx[idx] ?       \
                       &world.curjob->curcmd->regx[idx] :               \
                       world.state.revm_use_regx ? &world.state.revm_regx : \
#define     FIRSTREGX(r)           CHOOSE_REGX(r, 0)
#define     SECONDREGX(r)          CHOOSE_REGX(r, 1)

/** Macros for declaring commands inside modules
 ** Necessary for beeing able to use module commands
 ** in script without loading the module during the
 ** entire script */
00176 #define     REVM_COMMAND_DECLARE(name)    char modcmd_##name = name

/* ELF Versions */
#define ELFSH_VERTYPE_UNK     1
#define ELFSH_VERTYPE_DEF     3

/* Used to store ascii description for different structures types in data.c */
#define     ELFSH_INSTRTYPE_MAX     24
#define     ELFSH_OPTYPE_MAX  4
#define ELFSH_SEGTYPE_MAX     7
#define     ELFSH_SHTYPE_MAX  16
#define     ELFSH_OBJTYPE_MAX 5
#define     ELFSH_SYMBIND_MAX 3
#define     ELFSH_ENCODING_MAX      3
#define     ELFSH_DYNAMIC_MAX 35
#define     ELFSH_EXTDYN_MAX  19
#define ELFSH_MIPSDYN_MAX     43
#define     ELFSH_ARCHTYPE_MAX      56
#define     ELFSH_EXTSEG_MAX  5
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_i386_MAX    11
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_IA64_MAX    81
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_SPARC_MAX   55
#define ELFSH_RELOC_SPARC64_MAX     55
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_ALPHA_MAX   43
#define     ELFSH_RELOC_MIPS_MAX    35

#define ELFSH_RELOC_MAX(file)   revm_getmaxrelnbr(file)

#define     ELFSH_FEATURE_MAX 2
#define     ELFSH_POSFLAG_MAX 2
#define     ELFSH_FLAGS_MAX         4
#define     ELFSH_FLAGS1_MAX  15

/* REVM general parameters */
#define     REVM_MAXARGC            128
#define     REVM_SEP          "."
#define     REVM_COMMENT_START      '#'
#define REVM_DASH       '-'
#define     REVM_SLASH        '/'
#define     REVM_SPACE        ' '

#define ELFSH_NAME            "ELF shell"
#define     ELFSH_INIT        "elfsh_init"
#define     ELFSH_FINI        "elfsh_fini"
#define ELFSH_HELP            "elfsh_help"

/* REVM files */
#define     REVM_CONFIG       ".eresirc"
#define     REVM_FIFO_C2S           "/tmp/.revm.io.c2s"
#define     REVM_FIFO_S2C           "/tmp/.revm.io.s2c"

/* Traces directory */
#define     REVM_TRACE_REP          ".etrace"

/* For revm_object_display() */
#define     REVM_VIEW_HEX           0
#define     REVM_VIEW_DISASM  1

/* For elfsh/elfsh/modules.c:revm_change_handler() */
#define     ELFSH_ORIG        ((void *) -1)

/* For lang/access.c */
#define     REVM_INVALID_FIELD      ((u_int) -1)

/* ELFsh actions, for parametrizing some function behaviors */
#define     REVM_HASH_MERGE         (1 << 0)
#define     REVM_HASH_UNMERGE (1 << 1)
#define     REVM_CREATE_NEWID (1 << 2)

/* config strings */
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_ONLOAD_RCONTROL    "onload.restore_control"
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_GRAPH_STORAGEPATH "graph.storagepath"
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_GRAPH_VIEWCMD      "graph.viewcmd"
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_GRAPH_AUTOVIEW     "graph.autoview"
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_GRAPH_AUTOBUILD    "graph.autobuild"
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_USE_MORE         "vm.use_more"
#define     ERESI_VMCONFIG_USE_ASMDEBUG   "asm.debug"
#define ERESI_VMCONFIG_HISTORY            "history"

#define ERESI_DEFAULT_HISTORY       ".eresi_history"

/* Manage string table */
#define REVM_STRTABLE_GET(_out, _in)      \
do {                          \
  if (_in > strtable_current)       \
    _out = NULL;              \
  else                              \
    _out = strtable + _in;          \
} while(0)

/* Take a revmargv_t and fill its argc field */
/* Only used when the command is unknown (module) and tries to be determined */
#define           REVM_CMDARGS_COUNT(cmd)       \
do                                  \
{                                   \
  int       len;                    \
  for (len = 0; cmd->param[len] != 0; len++)    \
    cmd->argc++;                    \
}                                   \
while (0)

/* Regx option, a module of struct s_args */
typedef struct          s_list
  regex_t         name;
  char                  *rname;
  u_int                 off;
  u_int                 size;
  char                  otype;
}                 revmlist_t;

/* Structure for constants */
typedef struct          s_const
  const char              *desc;
  const char              *name;
  eresi_Addr                  val;
}                 revmconst_t;

/* ELFsh command handlers */
typedef struct          s_cmdhandler
  int             (*reg)(u_int i, u_int s, char **a); /* Registration handler */
  int             (*exec)();                    /* Execution handler */
  char                  *arg1;                              /* Option activation variable ptr */
  void                  *arg2;                              /* Option regex ptr */
  char                  *arg3;                              /* Regex switch ptr */
  char                  wflags;                             /* 1 if the cmd need a valid curfile */
  char                  *help;                              /* Help string */
}                 revmcmd_t;

/* Thats the command line options registering structure */
typedef struct          s_args
  char                  *param[REVM_MAXARGC];   /* Parameters */
  char                  use_regx[2];            /* 1 if the option use a regx */
  regex_t         regx[2];          /* Regx */
  revmlist_t            disasm[2];        /* D/X parameters */
  char                  argc;             /* Number of args in param[] */
  revmcmd_t       *cmd;             /* Command descriptor */
  char                  *name;                  /* Command name */
  char                    *endlabel;            /* Co-Label for foreach/forend */
#define     REVM_IDX_UNINIT ((unsigned int) (-1))
  u_int                   listidx;        /* Iteration index for this foreach */
  struct s_args         *next;
  struct s_args         *prev;
}                 revmargv_t;

/* Trace structures, used by the tracer */
typedef struct          s_revmtraces
  int             (*exec)(elfshobj_t*, char *, char **);    /* Function used */

  /* Unexistant (0), optional (1), needed (2) */
  char                  flagName;   /* Need a first argument */
  char                  flagArg;          /* Need a second argument */
}                 revmtraces_t;

#include <libmjollnir.h>

/* REVM module structure */
typedef struct          s_module
  char                  *path;            /* Name */
#ifdef __BEOS__
  image_id            handler;        /* Object handler */
  void                *handler;       /* Object handler */
  void                (*help)();      /* Help wrapper */
  void                (*init)();      /* Constructor pointer */
  void                (*fini)();      /* Destructor pointer */
  u_int               id;             /* Object ID */
  time_t              loadtime;       /* Load time stamp */
  struct s_module     *next;          /* Next module of the list */
}                     revmmod_t;

/* This structure contains the control flow context for e2dbg scripts */
typedef struct          s_revmcontext
  int             savedfd;
  char                  savedmode;
  revmargv_t            *savedcmd;
  char                  *(*savedinput)();
  char                  **savedargv;
  char                  *savedname;
  revmargv_t            *curcmd;
}                 revmcontext_t;

/* We use a separate header for the generic IO sublib */
#include "revm-io.h"

/* We use a separate header for defnition of object structures */
#include "revm-objects.h"

/* This structure stores the current FOREACH iteration state for a job */
typedef struct          s_revmiteration
#define     REVM_IDX_UNINIT ((unsigned int) (-1))
  u_int                 *curindex;  /* Current iteration index (most-nested foreach) */
  char                  *curkey;    /* Name (key) of matchme expression in list */
  char                  *curname;   /* Name (bound) of induction variable if any */
  list_t          *list;            /* Current list being iterated */
}                 revmiter_t;  

/* This structure stores the current REWRITE transformation state for a job */
typedef struct          s_revmrewrite
  revmexpr_t            *matchexpr; /* Expression to rewrite */
  u_char          matched;          /* Matched flag : just 0 or 1 depending on last try */
  u_char          replaced;         /* Indicate if we have already transformed */
}                 revmrewrite_t;

/* REVM job structure, one per client */
typedef struct        s_job
  revmworkspace_t     ws;           /* The job workspace */

  /* Scripting machine job context */
#define                 REVM_MAXSRCNEST  10
  revmargv_t            *script[REVM_MAXSRCNEST]; /* List of script commands */
  revmargv_t         *lstcmd[REVM_MAXSRCNEST]; /* Last command for each depth */
  u_int               sourced;          /* script depth (if beeing sourced) */

  /* File job context */
  revmargv_t            *curcmd;          /* Next command to be executed */
  hash_t              loaded;           /* List of loaded ELF objects */
  elfshobj_t          *curfile;         /* Current working ELF object */
  asm_processor*      proc;         /* Processor structure */

  /* Debugger job context */
  hash_t              dbgloaded;        /* List of objects loaded into e2dbg */
  elfshobj_t          *dbgcurrent;      /* Current working e2dbg file */

  /* Job iteration and rewritten expression name if any */
  revmiter_t            iter;       /* Iteration context */
  revmrewrite_t         rwrt;       /* Rewrite  context */
}                     revmjob_t;

/* The REVM world */
typedef struct        s_world
  revmstate_t         state;          /* Flags structure */
  revmcontext_t       context;        /* Save the VM context before sourcing */
  revmmod_t       *modlist;       /* ELFsh loaded modules list */
  hash_t          jobs;           /* Hash table of jobs */
  revmjob_t       *initial;       /* Main initial job */
  revmjob_t       *curjob;        /* Current job */
  hash_t          shared_hash;    /* Hash of shared descriptors */
  char                *scriptsdir;    /* Directory which contains script commands */
  asm_processor       proc;           /* Libasm world */
  asm_processor         proc_sparc;     /* Libasm Sparc */
  asm_processor         proc_mips;      /* Libasm Mips */
  mjrsession_t        mjr_session;    /* Session holding contexts for mjollnir */
  int             fifo_s2c;         /* Fd for the debugger IO FIFO */
  int             fifo_c2s;         /* Fd for the debugger IO FIFO */
  void                  (*cmd_init)();  /* Command constructor from libstderesi */
}                 revmworld_t;

/* The world */
extern revmworld_t      world;

/* All the StandAlone hashtables */
extern list_t           frames_list;     /* List of frames for the ERESI interpreter */
extern hash_t           instrlists_hash; /* Tables of expression lists */
extern hash_t           cmd_hash;    /* commands handlers */
extern hash_t           parser_hash;       /* parsers handlers */
extern hash_t           file_hash;   /* elfshobj_t pointers */
extern hash_t           const_hash;  /* elf.h picked up constants values */
extern hash_t           redir_hash;  /* Function redirections hash table */
extern hash_t           mod_hash;    /* Modules name hash table */
extern hash_t           exprs_hash;  /* ERESI expressions types hash */ 
extern hash_t           labels_hash[10]; /* Scripting labels hash table */

/* The Level 1 object hash table : hash the object name and returns a L1handler_t* */
extern hash_t           L1_hash;    /* For HDR, SHT, PHT, GOT, DTORS, CTORS, DYNAMIC, SECTIONS */

/* The Level 2 object hash table list : hash the object name and returns a L2handler_t* */
extern hash_t           elf_L2_hash;      /* For the ELF header fields */
extern hash_t           sht_L2_hash;      /* For the Section header table fields */
extern hash_t           pht_L2_hash;      /* For the Program header table fields */
extern hash_t           got_L2_hash;      /* For the Global offset table fields */
extern hash_t           crs_L2_hash;      /* For the .ctors fields */
extern hash_t           drs_L2_hash;      /* For the .dtors fields */
extern hash_t           sym_L2_hash;      /* For symbol fields */
extern hash_t           rel_L2_hash;      /* For Relocation table fields */
extern hash_t           sct_L2_hash;      /* For Section data access */
extern hash_t           dynsym_L2_hash;   /* For .dynsym */
extern hash_t           dyn_L2_hash;      /* For .dynamic */

extern hash_t           vers_L2_hash;   /* For .gnu.version */
extern hash_t           verd_L2_hash;   /* For .gnu.version_d */
extern hash_t           vern_L2_hash;   /* For .gnu.version_r */
extern hash_t           hashb_L2_hash;  /* For .hash (bucket) */
extern hash_t           hashc_L2_hash;  /* For .hash (chain) */

extern hash_t           bg_color_hash;    /* colors def */
extern hash_t           fg_color_hash;    /* colors def */
extern hash_t           t_color_hash;     /* colors type */

extern hash_t           traces_cmd_hash;/* trace cmd table */
extern hash_t           goto_hash;  /* goto hash */

/* Lattice for I/O */
extern char       *(*hooks_input[REVM_IO_NUM])();
extern int        (*hooks_output[REVM_IO_NUM])(char *buf);

/* Data value/string/description arrays */
extern revmconst_t     asm_instr_type[ELFSH_INSTRTYPE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     asm_operand_type[ELFSH_OPTYPE_MAX];

extern revmconst_t     elfsh_extseg_type[ELFSH_EXTSEG_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_seg_type[ELFSH_SEGTYPE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_sh_type[ELFSH_SHTYPE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_obj_type[ELFSH_OBJTYPE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_sym_bind[ELFSH_SYMBIND_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_sym_type[ELFSH_SYMTYPE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_dynentry_type[ELFSH_DYNAMIC_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_encoding[ELFSH_ENCODING_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_extdyn_type[ELFSH_EXTDYN_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_mipsdyn_type[ELFSH_MIPSDYN_MAX];
extern char        *elfsh_arch_type[ELFSH_ARCHTYPE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_feature1[ELFSH_FEATURE_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_posflag1[ELFSH_POSFLAG_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_flags[ELFSH_FLAGS_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_flags1[ELFSH_FLAGS1_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_mipsflags[ELFSH_MIPSFLAGS_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_rel_type_i386[ELFSH_RELOC_i386_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_rel_type_ia64[ELFSH_RELOC_IA64_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_rel_type_sparc[ELFSH_RELOC_SPARC64_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_rel_type_alpha[ELFSH_RELOC_ALPHA_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_rel_type_mips[ELFSH_RELOC_MIPS_MAX];
extern revmconst_t     elfsh_verentry_type[ELFSH_VERENTRY_MAX];

/* This has to be prototyped in libelfsh and not put in extern ! */
extern int        elfsh_load_core_info(elfshobj_t *);

/* Network related variables */
//extern hash_t      elfsh_net_client_list;  /* The client socket's list */
extern int         elfsh_net_client_count; /* Number of clients connected */
//extern revmsock_t    elfsh_net_serv_sock;    /* The main socket structur */

/* Lib path */
extern char    elfsh_libpath[BUFSIZ];

/* String table for .elfsh.strings */
extern char    *strtable;
extern u_int         strtable_current;
extern u_int         strtable_max;

/* Prompt storage */
extern void (*prompt_token_setup)(char *name, u_int size);
extern char prompt_token[512];

/* Registration handlers for options from opt.c */
int         revm_getoption(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getoption2(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getoption3(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getregxoption(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getinput(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getoutput(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getdisasm(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_gethexa(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getvarparams(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getforparams(u_int index, u_int argc,  char **argv);
int         revm_getmatchparams(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_getcaseparams(u_int index, u_int argc, char **argv);

/* Libasm resolve handlers */
void        asm_do_resolve(void *data, eresi_Addr vaddr, char *, u_int);
char        *revm_resolve(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr addr, elfsh_SAddr *roff);

/* General VM functions */
revmexpr_t  *revm_lookup_param(char *param);
revmobj_t   *revm_check_object(revmobj_t *pobj);
void        revm_destroy_object(revmobj_t *pobj);
revmobj_t    *revm_copy_object(revmobj_t *pobj);
elfshobj_t  *revm_getfile(u_int index);
revmmod_t   *revm_getmod(u_int index);
char        *revm_reverse(elfshobj_t *file, u_int vaddr);

/* Lookup functions */
revmobj_t   *revm_lookup_immed(char *param);
revmexpr_t  *revm_lookup_var(char *param);

elfshobj_t  *revm_lookup_file(char *param);
u_int       revm_lookup_index(char *param);
char        *revm_lookup_string(char *param);
eresi_Addr  revm_lookup_addr(char *param);

/* Lazy Abstract Type system functions */
int         revm_convert2str(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2int(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2long(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2raw(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2byte(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2short(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2daddr(revmobj_t *obj);
int         revm_convert2caddr(revmobj_t *obj);

/* Command API */
int         revm_command_set(char *cmd, void *exec, void *reg, u_int needcur);
int         revm_command_add(char *cmd, void *exec, void *reg, 
                    u_int needfile, char *help);
int         revm_command_del(char *cmd);

/* Default grammar handlers */
revmobj_t       *parse_lookup3_index(char *param, char *fmt, u_int sepnbr);
revmobj_t       *parse_lookup3(char *param, char *fmt, u_int sepnbr);
revmobj_t       *parse_lookup4(char *param, char *fmt, u_int sepnbr);
revmobj_t       *parse_lookup5_index(char *param, char *fmt, u_int sepnbr);
revmobj_t   *parse_vector(char *param, char *fmt);
revmobj_t   *parse_hash(char *param, char *fmt);
revmobj_t   *parse_hash_field(char *param, char *fmt);
revmobj_t   *parse_list(char *param, char *fmt);

/* Versions functions */
int             revm_version_pdef(hashdef_t *p, u_int ai, u_int i, char *id, 
                        char *n, char *t, regex_t *r);
int             revm_version_pneed(hashneed_t *p, u_int ai, u_int i, char *id, 
                         char *n, char *t, regex_t *r);
int             revm_version_unk(u_int ai, u_int i, char *id, char *n, char *t);

/* Disassembling and hexadecimal view functions */
u_int       revm_instr_display(int, u_int, eresi_Addr, u_int, u_int,
                         char *, u_int, char *);
int         revm_section_display(elfshsect_t *s, char *name, revmlist_t *re);
int         revm_match_sht(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *l, revmlist_t *actual);
int         revm_match_symtab(elfshobj_t *file, elfshsect_t *symtab, 
                        revmlist_t *actual, int flag);
int         revm_match_special(elfshobj_t *file, eresi_Addr vaddr, revmlist_t*);
int             revm_object_display(elfshsect_t *parent, elfsh_Sym *sym, int size, 
                          u_int off, u_int foffset, eresi_Addr vaddr, 
                          char *name, char otype);

/* Parsing / Scanning functions */
char        *revm_filter_param(char *buf, char *ptr);
char        *revm_build_unknown(char *buf, const char *str, u_long type);
void        revm_filter_zero(char *str);
int         revm_parseopt(int argc, char **argv);
void            revm_findhex(u_int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_trans_speblank(const char *in, char ***av, u_int *ac);
void        revm_replace_speblanks(u_int argc, char **argv);
u_int           revm_findblanks(char *buf);
char            **revm_doargv(u_int nbr, u_int *argc, char *buf);

/* String functions */
int         revm_strtable_add(char *string);

/* Trace functions */
int             traces_addcmd(char *cmd, void *exec, char flagName, char flagArg);   
int             traces_add(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_rm(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_exclude(elfshobj_t *file, char *freg, char **oreg);  
int             traces_rmexclude(elfshobj_t *file, char *freg, char **oreg);  
int             traces_enable(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_disable(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_create(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_delete(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_flush(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_list(elfshobj_t *file, char *name, char **optarg);  
int             traces_run(elfshobj_t *file, char **argv, int argc);

int         revm_traces_add_arguments(int argc, char **argv);
edfmtfunc_t       *revm_traces_tracable_with_type(elfshobj_t *file, char *func_name, u_char external);
elfshtraces_t     *revm_traces_createargs(elfshobj_t *file, char *name,
                               edfmtfunc_t *func, eresi_Addr vaddr,
                               u_char external);

/* Hash functions */
int             revm_hashunk(int i);
int             revm_hashbucket_print(int, int, int, char *, int, int, int);
int             revm_hashchain_print(int i, int s, char *n, int r, int h);

/* Internal functions */
revmmod_t   *revm_modprobe();
void        revm_tables_setup();
int         revm_doerror(void (*fct)(char *str), char *str);
void        revm_error(char *label, char *param);
void        revm_badparam(char *str);
void        revm_unknown(char *str);
void        revm_exit(int err);
void        revm_banner_print();
void        revm_dynentinfo(elfshobj_t *f, elfsh_Dyn *ent, char *info);
int         revm_usage(char *str);
int         revm_modlist();
int         revm_isnbr(char *string);
void        revm_workfiles_load();
int         revm_implicit(revmcmd_t *actual);
int           revm_workfiles_unload();
int         dprintf(int fd, char *format, ...);
void          revm_pht_print(elfsh_Phdr *phdr, uint16_t num, eresi_Addr base);
char        *revm_fetch_sht_typedesc(elfsh_Word typenum);
int             revm_sht_print(elfsh_Shdr *shdr, u_int num, char rtflag);
int         revm_load_init_dephash(elfshobj_t *file, char *name);
int         revm_file_load(char *name, eresi_Addr base, elfshlinkmap_t *lm);
int         revm_is_loaded(char *name);
int         revm_doswitch(int nbr);
char        *revm_ascii_type(hash_t *cur);
char        *revm_ascii_ltype(list_t *cur);
char        *revm_modename_get();
char            *revm_basename(char *str);
void            revm_quitmsg_set(char *msg);
int         revm_fifo_io(revmjob_t *job);
void        revm_object_print(revmobj_t *obj);
char        *revm_string_get(char **params);
int         revm_source(char **params);
int         revm_help(char *command);
void        revm_print_actual(revmargv_t *cur);
int         revm_printscript(revmargv_t *start);

/* Vector related functions */
int         revm_vectors_getdims(char *str, unsigned int *dims);
char        *revm_ascii_vtype(vector_t *cur);
int         revm_vectors_getdimnbr(char *str);
int         revm_vector_bad_dims(vector_t *v, unsigned int *dims, u_int dimnbr);

/* Dependences related information : deps.c */
int         revm_load_enumdep(elfshobj_t *obj);
int         revm_load_dep(elfshobj_t *p, char *n, eresi_Addr b, elfshlinkmap_t *, hash_t*);
int         revm_unload_dep(elfshobj_t *obj, elfshobj_t *root);
char        *revm_load_searchlib(char *name);
elfshobj_t  *revm_is_dep(elfshobj_t *obj, char *path);
elfshobj_t  *revm_is_depid(elfshobj_t *obj, int id);

/* Top skeleton functions */
int         revm_init() __attribute__((constructor));
int         revm_loop(int argc, char **argv);
int         revm_setup(int ac, char **av, char mode, char side);
int         revm_run(int ac, char **av);
int         revm_config(char *config);
void        revm_postexec(int retval);
void        revm_cleanup();

/* Scripting flow functions */
int         revm_execscript();
int         revm_execmd();
int         revm_move_pc(char *idx);
int         revm_openscript(char **av);
int         revm_testscript(int ac, char **av);
int         revm_exec_str(char *str);
int           revm_context_restore(int, char, revmargv_t*, void*, char**, char*);

/* ERESI variables related functions */
int             revm_setvar_str(char *varname, char *value);
int             revm_setvar_raw(char *varname, char *value, u_int len);
int             revm_setvar_byte(char *varname, u_char byte);
int             revm_setvar_short(char *varname, u_short val);
int             revm_setvar_int(char *varname, u_int val);
int             revm_setvar_long(char *varname, u_long val);
char        *revm_tmpvar_create();
int         revm_variable_istemp(revmexpr_t *e);

/* ERESI types related functions */
int         revm_type_prints();
int         revm_type_print_regex(char *regex);
int         revm_type_copy(char *from, char *to);
int         revm_type_hashcreate(char *name);

/* Data access related functions */
aspectype_t *revm_fieldoff_get(aspectype_t *par, char *fld, u_int *off);
revmobj_t   *revm_object_lookup_real(aspectype_t *type, char *objname, char *objpath, char trans);
revmobj_t   *revm_object_lookup(char *str);
revmobj_t   *revm_object_create(aspectype_t *type, void *data, char transaddr);

/* Generic handlers for data accesses */
char        *revm_generic_getname(void *type, void *data);
int         revm_generic_setname(void *type, void *data, void *newdata);
eresi_Addr  revm_generic_getobj(void *data);
eresi_Addr  revm_hash_getobj(void *data);
int         revm_byte_setobj(void *data, eresi_Addr value);
int         revm_short_setobj(void *data, eresi_Addr value);
int         revm_int_setobj(void *data, eresi_Addr value);
int         revm_long_setobj(void *data, eresi_Addr value);
char        *revm_generic_getdata(void *data, int off, int sizelm);
int         revm_generic_setdata(void *d, int off, void *ndat, int sz, int szlm);

/* Object creation/verification functions */
int         revm_convert_object(revmexpr_t *e, u_int objtype);
revmL1_t    *revm_create_L1ENT(void *get_obj,
                         void *get_obj_idx,
                         void *get_obj_nam,
                         hash_t     *l2_hash,
                         void *get_entptr,
                         void *get_entval,
                         void *set_entval,
                         u_int      elem_size);
revmL2_t    *revm_create_L2ENT(void *get_obj,
                         void *set_obj,
                         char type,
                         void *get_name,
                         void *set_name,
                         void *get_data,
                         void *set_data);
revmcmd_t   *revm_create_CMDENT(int (*exec)(void *file, void *av),
                          int (*reg)(u_int i, u_int ac, char **av),
                          int flags, char *help);
elfshredir_t      *revm_create_REDIR(u_char type, char *sname, char *dname, 
                         eresi_Addr saddr, eresi_Addr daddr);
revmobj_t   *revm_create_IMMED(char type, char perm, u_int val);
revmobj_t   *revm_create_IMMEDSTR(char perm, char *str);
revmobj_t   *revm_create_LONG(char perm, eresi_Addr val);
revmobj_t   *revm_create_CADDR(char perm, eresi_Addr val);
revmobj_t   *revm_create_DADDR(char perm, eresi_Addr val);

/* Interface related functions */
int         revm_system(char *cmd);
void        revm_dbgid_set(u_int pid);
u_int       revm_dbgid_get();

/* Atomic operations */
int             revm_preconds_atomics(revmexpr_t **o1, revmexpr_t **o2);
int         revm_nextconds_atomics(revmexpr_t *o1, revmexpr_t *o2);
int         revm_arithmetics(revmexpr_t *e1, revmexpr_t *e2, u_char op);
int         revm_hash_add(hash_t *h, revmexpr_t *e);
int         revm_hash_del(hash_t *h, revmexpr_t *e);
int         revm_elist_add(list_t *h, revmexpr_t *e);
int         revm_elist_del(list_t *h, revmexpr_t *e);
int         revm_hash_set(char *tab, char *elm, void *obj, u_int type);
int         revm_elist_set(char *tab, char *elm, void *obj, u_int type);
int         revm_testbit(revmexpr_t *o1, revmexpr_t *o2, u_int *result);
int         revm_object_compare(revmexpr_t *e1, revmexpr_t *e2, eresi_Addr *val);
int         revm_object_set(revmexpr_t *e1, revmexpr_t *e2);

/* Job related functions */
int         revm_own_job(revmjob_t *job);
int         revm_valid_workspace(char *name);
void        revm_switch_job(revmjob_t *job);
revmjob_t   *revm_clone_job(char *name, revmjob_t *job);
int         revm_add_script_cmd(char *dirstr);
revmjob_t   *revm_localjob_get();

#ifdef __KERNEL__
revmjob_t   *revm_socket_add(int socket, void *addr);
revmjob_t   *revm_socket_add(int socket, struct sockaddr_in *addr);

int              revm_screen_switch();
int              revm_screen_clear(int i, char c);
int              revm_screen_update(u_short isnew, u_short prompt_display);
int         revm_workspace_next();

/* libedfmt related functions */
int         revm_edfmt_parse(elfshobj_t *file);
int         revm_edfmt_uni_print(elfshobj_t *file);

/* Type/Inform related functions */
revmexpr_t  *revm_inform_type(char *type, char *name, char *addr, revmexpr_t *e, u_char p, u_char r);
revmexpr_t  *revm_inform_type_addr(char *t, char *n, eresi_Addr a, revmexpr_t *, u_char p, u_char r);
int         revm_check_addr(elfshobj_t *obj, eresi_Addr add);
int             revm_informed_print(char *name);
int             revm_uninform_type(char *type, char *varname, u_char print);
int         revm_type_copy(char *from, char *to);
int         revm_type_hashcreate(char *name);
int         revm_type_print(char *type, char mode);
revmannot_t *revm_annot_get(char *name);

/* Expression related functions */
revmexpr_t  *revm_simple_expr_create(aspectype_t *datatype, char *name, char *value);
revmexpr_t  *revm_expr_create(aspectype_t *type, char *name, char *val);
revmexpr_t  *revm_expr_get(char *pathname);
int         revm_expr_compare(revmexpr_t *orig, revmexpr_t *candid, eresi_Addr *val);
int         revm_expr_match(revmexpr_t *candid, revmexpr_t *orig);
int         revm_expr_set(revmexpr_t *adst, revmexpr_t *asrc);
int         revm_expr_print(char *pathname);
int         revm_expr_match_by_name(char *original, char *candidate);
int         revm_expr_compare_by_name(char *original, char *candidate, eresi_Addr *val);
int         revm_expr_set_by_name(char *dest, char *source);
aspectype_t *revm_exprtype_get(char *exprvalue);
revmexpr_t  *revm_expr_create_from_object(revmobj_t *copyme, char *name);
revmexpr_t  *revm_expr_copy(revmexpr_t *source, char *dstname, u_char isfield);
int         revm_expr_destroy(char *e);

/* May not be defined */
#ifndef __KERNEL__

#ifdef __BSD__
extern int vsscanf(const char * restrict str, const char * restrict format,
                 va_list ap);
#elif defined(__linux__)
extern int vsscanf (__const char *__restrict __s,
                    __const char *__restrict __format, _G_va_list __arg);

void        wait4exit(void *);

#endif /* __KERNEL__ */

#endif /* __ELFSH_H_ */

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